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IN FOCUS TV lifestyle: Roe v. Wade was sealed in 2016



There have been plenty of movies made about how Roe v. Wade happened. "Wade" is a 1989 television film written by Alison Cross about the landmark 1973 United States Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. It was directed by Gregory Hoblit and stars Holly Hunter and Amy Madigan. "Roe v. Wade", a historical drama movie starring Nick Loeb, Stacey Dash, and Jamie Kennedy is another such film on the subject. Those attempts to expose history will likely have new material based on the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court overturned the landmark ruling.

Here's to reality in real time. The fact that the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade should not be a shock at all to the American public. The position has been clear among the conservative justices with each appointment as it relates to Roe v Wade. Each President that enters office wants to stack the supreme Court with those that share the conservative, liberal or middle-of-the road views.

Today's Supreme Court (seen above) is a collection of judges that have been appointed as long as thirty-years (Associate Justice Clarence Thomas). Their decision has rocked the national conscience.


Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority opinion, "Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. ... It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives." Roe had held that the Constitution protected a woman's right to an abortion before the point at which a fetus is viable outside the womb, typically around 24 weeks of pregnancy.

All Justices are nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and hold their offices under life tenure. Nine Justices make up the current Supreme Court: one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices. The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., is the 17th Chief Justice of the United States, and there have been 103 Associate Justices in the Court’s history.

The current Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative majority. With a 6-3 majority, conservative justices on the Supreme Court may appear poised to hand down decisions that the Republican presidents who appointed them would applaud.

President George H.W. Bush nominated David Souter in 1990 and Clarence Thomas in 1991. President Bill Clinton appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1993 and Steven Breyer in 1994. President George W. Bush appointed John Roberts in 2005 and Samuel Alito in 2006. President Barack Obama appointed Sotomayor in 2009 and Elena Kagan in 2010.

Even though the majority of Americans are in favor of a woman's choice, not enough of those Americans voted for a president in the 2016 election, opting for a Republican who promised to do exactly what he did. That promise was kept in that three justices in favor of overruling Roe v. Wade gave the majority to that opinion. This is not rocket science, but rather political science that now have Americans either celebrating the reversal, or bemoaning it.

Yes, Supreme Court decisions will almost always lean towards a certain ideology and principle. When looking at voting, it's important to look at the agenda in each race and what it means to the legislation that governs how our system works.

When news of a probable overturn of the RVW ruling hit the airwaves weeks ago, the nation braced for the reality that would come. And it came. The bombshell decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn its landmark decision has eliminated 50 years of precedent and handed state lawmakers across the country the power to restrict or ban abortion. The result will be a range of laws that vary based on where a person lives.

If you're happy with the decision of the Supreme Court having overturned Roe v. Wade, then your vote certainly paid off with this decision. If you're against the decision by the Supreme Court, then your side simply didn't have enough juice to get out enough votes in 2016. And here you are six years later looking at this decision. It's all about the vote.

According to NBC News, The The Supreme Court’s ruling Friday to eliminate the broadly supported constitutional right to abortion has ignited a political firestorm in an already heated election year. The decison lands less than five months from a slew of contests for Congress, state houses and governors races.




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Jun 26, 2022

I totally agree


Jun 26, 2022

Excellent commentary on how our voting system impacts long-term decisions on so many levels.

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