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IMPACT PLAYERS: IGWT founder/CEO in spotlight

Robert Tyler, one of the more consistently succesfull CEO's in the region with a specialization in construction and development. Celebrating more than two decades of success, Robert Tyler leads IGWT construction based in Miami lakes Florida. His expertise over the years has enabled him to capture a unique niche and the construction and development world. He continues to work as a prime contractor on some projects, a subcontractor on other projects and a developer on his own projects.

Tyler looks over the JHS campus near downtown Miami as work on a project continues

He's soft spoken in a tough induustry. He's a dedicated family man and a man of faith. Robert Tyler is a goal-setter, a go-getter and a man who is the embodiment of true success. You achieve success whenever you are able to translate a set goal to reality. Tyler has done that and continues to move the needle forward in business and in his personal and civic life. Tyler says the secret to his success is understanding what he's best at, and leveraging his company's strengths to build a lane of success. That lane can be expanded gradually as expertise is developed and cultivated.

Staying Power

Beyond starting a business, staying in business is extraordinarily challenging for entrepreneurs. Nearly 50% fail in the first 5 years. Tyler's goal was to build a sustainable company that could grow and evolve.

His hands on approach and personal touch as well as his experience and expertise have that IGWT to consistent work, new projects, and new partnerships. Tyler has learned how to maintain sustainability, improving on processes and strategies along the way. His many projects include supporting the building of Miramar Florida's new police substation; a critical wing of Jackson health centers facility, and doesn't of projects around the state.

Some of the projects include: Jackson Memorial Hospital's Christine E Lynn Rehab Building; Disney's Animal Kingdom; The Equestrian Venue for the Atlanta Olympics; several airport and school projects including Miami Northwestern High School. IGWT is in its 20thyear of service. He credits his team, partners and family as his source of inspiration.

Faith, Family & Focus

Tyler with family Dr. Anita Petteway-Tyler, a Primary Care Physician,, Sade, Brett, Dean (not pictured) and Sydney.

To achieve harmony and balance, Tyler notes that his family engagement is one of the keys to success and balance. Since the construction industry is extremely challenging and competitive, Tyler notes that it is his faith, his family, and his focus that keeps him upbeat and energized. He enjoys being a father, a husband, and a Civic and community leader. A senior pastor at New Birth Baptist Church in Miami, Florida, Tyler reminds those around him of the power and impact God has made in his life. He's proud to share his testimony to others to motivate them to find faith peace and happiness.

To learn more about Robert Tyler and IGWT construction, visit his website at


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