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Hollywood Spotlight x AutoFOCUS TV: When cars are the stars

Updated: May 18, 2021

You ever ask yourself how come the good guys get seriously over the top badass cars and the bad guys well they get basic trucks or pickups? The good guys and their cars have literally made TV and Film history with some amazing cars that elevate the cool factor. From the outlandish design of the Batmobile to the style and functionality of Kit in Knight Rider. Cars that play a prominent role in film and tv have stolen our hearts over and over again.

Let’s do a short roll-call of some of our all-time favorites.


The mad professor packed this machine with a flux-capacitor and stand back for the warp-speed transformation that the DeLorean was made capable of achieving and this traveling through time itself. The silver gull-winged DeLorean ranked right up there with the top of them. The fact that it could literally transport our protagonist to and from the past and future made the car all the more awesome.

The Original Batmobile

This one still ranks at the very top, I mean this was one of the first cars to actually be a character itself. The Black motif with red trim hits you hard with a front facia, sleek side silhouette, and rear fins with a jet rocket tucked in the middle of the back where a bumper should be get your blood running hot when it takes off - ofh and the whistle of that engine is just insane. It was a first for tv.

Bond’s Aston Martin

The Aston Martin stole the show when Sean Connery drove it and hit the ejection seat when the bad guy had a gun on him. Those who recall this iconic scene will chuckle at the result. The bad guy was thrust out of the car, through the roof via the ejection seat that Bond secretly activated. Didn't see that coming.

How about the time when he had twin machine guns drop from underneath the grill and let the bad guys have it. Yeah that was pretty amazing. That Aston Martin was full of surprises with killed tech on all sides.

Daniel Craig, the current but soon to be former Bond has his own Aston Martin. Actually, the newer Bond has an array of Aston Martin's to play with, and he drives them with reckless precision (if there is such a phrase). The phrase fits as this Bond is far more aggressive and deadly. He seemed to enjoy dogging it out with wild shootouts, ramming other cars on tight roads, cliffs, and other breathtaking chases and crashes. Heartbreaking.

Custom Cadillac El Dorado Fleetwood: SuperFly

That had one of the most ostentatious grilles and headlights of all time. The drug dealing protagonist, Priest (played by silky smooth Ron O’Neil) was an “in your face” ornament intended to showcase the symbol of street success in the highest order. The car screamed “I’m a drug dealer; look at me” which was the whole purpose in the film to begin with.

The All white El dorado from “The Mack.”

Goldie went from stealing cars to pushing a white on white lean machine in THE MACK. Since we’re speaking of a car from the Blaxploitation era, you got to include this Eldorado. More subdued than Priest's Caddy in SuperFly, ridiculous. A breakout actor by the name of Max Julien drove the head-turning white on white Cadillac with the white wall tires.

Do you remember the show called whatever it was and the starring car was a “kit” that talked in Knight Rider? Now that was a car complete with personality and wit. It serves as and a pretty reliable companion.

What are your favorite cars that appeared in movies and made a signature impact? Let us know on social media @AutoFocusWorld and be sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel for more original content.

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