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AutoFOCUS Test Drive: The Mercedes Benz AMG E53

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Click the screen above for the web series featuring the AMG E53

Was it love at first sight? Uh, heck yeah! Look at it. For starters. the AMG tag means that you'll get butt-loads of speed, a bold design and elite styling. This AMG E 53 adds even more swag with the drop top accent (cabriolet). So those are a few of the many reasons we're in love. The classic inline-6 takes a futuristic form: a beltless turbo engine with EQ Boost electric assist. The result is a freshly advanced 4-seat convertible with E-Class innovation, AMG inspiration, and equal passion for the road and sky. Those are words from Mercedes Benz. I'll add that the tech and safety features are abundant with an array of drivers assists offerings, camera views and more. This was lots of fun and certainly one of the top performers of the year.

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The surprising Buick Encore

Click the screen below to enjoy the web show on the Encore

The Buick Encore GX is a compact size SUV. We tested the top tier version for you and its called the Essence trim with front wheel drive. This version is a bit longer and the wheelbase than the smaller encore which results in more legroom for targets like me and definitely for people looking for that. The biggest change with the GX is the drivetrain which is powered by a three-cylinder turbo eco-tec engine that comes in two different designs. There's a front drive model and another with all-wheel drive trim. PERFORMANCE The GX that I tested carried at 1.2 liter 3 cylinder generating 137 horsepower and 167 lb ft of torque. DESIGN I'm thoroughly impressed with the design, because of small SUV has to have its own signature cues that make it attractive.


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