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The ever evolving Bond franchise: Hollywood Spotlight

Bond is back once again in the final installment of the Daniel Craig led James Bond films. In this conclusion of the long-running spy thriller, we see Bond fresh out of retirement, along with a super team of MI6 agents tackle a new threat in the form of a mysterious new villain armed with dangerous new technology. This doesn't exactly sound like a new take on what we know and love from James Bond yet we can't seem to quell the excitement that comes with seeing a new 007 trailer featuring the action sequences, character appearances, new tech, and teasers of the big bad guy.

Bond films continue to offer new elements that keep the series fresh and interesting to fans. The series of films starring Daniel Craig has spanned from gambling heist films, nemesis man-hunt iterations, spy revenge thrillers, and mystery stories that have Bond and the team globe-trotting to uncover nefarious schemes. It's rare to see a franchise span across multiple generations, covering a wide range of storylines, and still, have something fresh to bring to the audiences that know and love the films.

As the films have evolved, the character archetypes have as well. We've grown away from the traditional "Bond girl" element of the series and we now have highly competent, expert-level agents in the field who work alongside Bond and the MI6 teams. The sex appeal is still an unavoidable factor when you're including powerful women but their role's in the films have become more versatile, captivating, and nuanced in the recent Bond films.

Out of all the previous iterations of the 007 franchise, it's abundantly clear that director Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig as the iconic James Bond have landed the winning formula. This version of 007 has been the most complete version of the character's potential, spanning a notable arc of challenges and changes through the course of five films. We have seen the embodiment of the debonair undercover playboy, the vengeful assassin, the focused career-high version, and many other nuanced elements in the character that have truly brought the series to life.

We're looking forward to the epic conclusion of the spy saga with "No Time to Die". Are you a James Bond fan? Let us know what you're excited about in the upcoming film as well as what other film projects you are looking forward to seeing.


By Cameron Lesesne

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Lonnie Lawrence
Lonnie Lawrence
11 sept. 2020

Secret Agent Man Extraordinary

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