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The Miami Dolphins in playoffs for first time since 2016

The Miami Dolphin fans can celebrate for the first time in 6 years. The Dolphins made the playoffs for the first time since 2016, and they won the game against their biggest rival, the infamous New York Jets. What's crazy about this game is that the Dolphins won without scoring a touchdown and without their first-string quarterback or their backup quarterback, but rather a third-string quarterback. To sneak into the playoffs on the regular season's final day, the Dolphins had to snap a five-game losing streak with a third-string quarterback (Skylar Thompson) under center.

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Few teams in the NFL have had a season like the Miami Dolphins. It has been totally unique, and totally unprecedented. Let's start with the obvious. This is a young team with a new and innovative coach and a young and superbly talented quarterback, joined by a pair of receivers that would give any defensive coordinator nightmares.

The fan above expresses pure Glee and happiness to the point where he's close to levitating after the win over the Jets and the Hard Rock stadium.

Skylar Thompson proved that he could play without throwing interceptions or turning over the ball. Although he moved the ball up and down the field, the team still came away with zero touchdowns. Still Thompson drove the team close enough to the end zone to make field goals to win the game.

At the start pf the season, the Dolphins came out of the gates with a phenomenal winning streak, putting them in contention for first place in the AFC east. Tua and company torched team after team and their wins were impressive against quality teams such and the Ravens, the Bills, the Patriots, well you get the point. At midseason things took a turn for the worse with a concussion injury to Tua and setbacks on the defense. While the team went from number one to number two in the AFC East, the losing streak set them back considerably.

Additionally, the Dolphins had to complete the season without Tua. The difference was clear. Thompson has shown promise as a backup and potentially a starter. If the Dolphins are to advance in the AFC East, they, like most other NFL Teams will have to put points on the board and have solid Quarterback play and big plays on defense. The team and the fans can feel good about the season and the future of the team.

The Dolphins face the Bills in the first round and it's unlikely that they will win that game with a third string quarterback and a struggling but improving defense. Facing Josh Allen and that turbocharged Bills offense and a pass rushing defense is not going to be easy. However in the NFL, we're seen that anything is possible on any given Sunday.

You can't say enough about the Dolphins devastating receiving duo made up of the amazing Tyreek Hill and the consistently dangerous Jalen Waddle. They too, proved to be enough to help move the team forward during the season and should be a treat to watch in the coming season.

Make no mistake about it, Buffalo Bills, is a super bowl contender and the Dolphins limped into the playoffs. But that's not the point. The point is the Miami Dolphins did something spectacular, they got into the playoffs when nobody expected it to happen, and overcame tremendous challenges. They proved what they're capable of on the field, but more importantly in the front office.

That front office was bold, confident, and absolutely fearless. If you're a Dolphins fan, or just a fan of football, then you can relish the astounding accomplishments of some of the players on the team and the team in general. Tua proved the haters wrong and led the league and pass percentage and showed how deadly accurate and quick on the release he can be with just a little protection.

The fans showed full support throughout the season and at the finale against the Jets. After a previous season that resulted in no playoff appearance, and the firing of a coach under controversial circumstances, a playoff appearance is just what the doctor ordered, No matter what happens next, the Dolphins have already proved triumphant in the 2022-2023 season.

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That's great, it's been such a long time. I know all of the fans are ecstatic about this. Hopefully, they'll go the distance and be victorious in the playoffs.

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