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"The Godfather of Harlem" is powerful, tough crime drama

The pandemic launched dozens of hit shows on streaming platforms and also launched a careers of breakout actors. One of those shows that still fun to watch today is the godfather of harlem. This urban crime series had two seasons that started in 2019.

It reflects the racism and harsh realities of Black live in 1960's Harlem, New York. It also shapes and interesting narrative of a strong, proud historic black community trying to hold on to its heritage, culture and real estate.

The series has a dark vibe and yet it also has a thrilling edge tempo that keeps the audience into the storyline. The characters are enthralling, ech with their own set of personal and carer challenges. Most of them just happen to be gangsters.

Technically speaking The godfather Harlem is an american crime drama the premiered in September 29th 2019 on ethics TV the series written by Chris brancato and Paul x team and it also Stars Forest Whitaker as the 1960s New York City gangster Bumpy Johnson.

Operating out of Harlem this story brings to life what that community look like in the '60s and all the stellar individuals who intersected in business, personal lives and crime. The series have since been renewed for a third season premiering January 15th 2023.

The story kicks off when bumpy Johnson returns from a 10 years prison sentence to find Harlem and disarray. The streets are controlled by the Italian mob so bumpy has to challenge the Genovese family to regain control the battle is brutal and while that brewing forms an alliance with Harlem Muslim Minister Malcolm x. In the midst of all of this is an interracial love story that is both dangerous and unavoidable.

Although much of the story carries names of real individuals, the writers took creative liberties and ran with it. They stayed true to the crime formula and allowed the stellar cast to work at the magic. Led by Forest Whitaker as Ellen's worth don't be Johnson because all so included a spectacular Nigel batch as Malcolm x will I see niche hadara as many Lucy Fry Estella giganti Calvin Harrison as Teddy green and Rafi gavron as Ernie Lindsey who turned in a scene stealing performance. Also significant in the cast is Giancarlo Esposito as congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr and Vincent D'Onofrio as Vincent the change of Conte. Another seals scenes dealer was Eric larray Harvey ass Dell chance one of puppies and forces

We would definitely recommend checking out this series for some great action tense drama and a period piece that takes you back to Harlem and it's hay day. And cliffhangers. At the end of the day is still a crime story so you'll see lots of violence hello text. Just saying.


  1. Its a period Piece

  2. It has Forrest Whittaker

  3. It does not glorify mobsters and gangsters

  4. You learn the names of the guilty parties and otherwise

  5. Harlem is at the epicenter

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