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10 Tips for the Queens

Updated: May 6, 2021

Times can be challenging with so many negative factors hitting you from every side , not to mention the blindsides you get hit with every so often. Think about all the things that can drag you down, health, family, your living and work situation, drama from Washington D.C. and of course the on-going threat from COVID 19. On top of that, the customary release mechanisms are CLOSED! Its a drag; a downer, but not if you remember the queen that resides inside. Pick up your crown, place it gently on your heard and refer to these 10 tips from time to time - if you find that they help.

  1. You matter: Your voice, your vote, your purchases and your opinion - MATTERS!

  2. You have worth: Not only to your family, friends and associates, but to the universe that you belong to. Love yourself, build your skills and value your worth from the inside out.

  3. Believe in yourself: If you know how to do something, you have confidence. You believe when you can achieve. Training, preparation, and good environments cultivate self-belief. To chart your growth and evolution, made simple but meaningful goals and keep track of what you achieve

  4. Don’t let others define you: They will try, and they will fail when you define yourself - not from what you “think” but by what you do. Avoid hurtful language associated with you and your name and lose the people that discredit you unfairly.

  5. Allow yourself to love and connect with other women - but choose wisely. Women can be amazing friends and supporters. Some women on the other hand can be as cruel as some of the worst men to other women.

6. Keep fighting for political, social and economic equality - get it the fight, join other movements and make an impact.

7. Its okay to give a shout out to a hard working woman - You need "big-ups" and so do other sisters out there. Give it up and recognize.

8. Don't let generational gaps separate you - Don’t be that woman that says “I'm not good with technology, social media and computer stuff. Don’t be a dinosaur.

9. Strive for wisdom, not just smarts - a wise women last longer. Get a mentor, read self help books and network with wise people.

10. Be ethical - no matter how successful you are, playing dirty, cheating and scheming will ultimately catch up to you and the Karma will be excruciating and long lasting. Ask someone who has been there.


Self respect, dignity and discipline are invaluable assets. Don’t get lost in the optics of looking good, makeup perfect, nails did, hair did , everything did. That the wrapping not the contents. It all starts and ends with self respect, dignity and discipline. Be the Queen that you are. Even when you’re tired, no makeup, dirty and sweaty, whatever, you’re still a Queen. Carry yourself accordingly.

article by T.C Lesesne


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