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Tech Lifestyle: How colleges are elevating star gamers

College students were increasingly getting involved in competitive gaming (esports) across various platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation. Here's how college students were participating in and contributing to the esports scene

Watch the 60 sec. short about how colleges are breeding new stars in gaming

Collegiate Esports Teams

Many universities and colleges have established official esports teams or clubs, allowing students to compete against other schools in various video game titles. These teams often receive support and recognition from their institutions, similar to traditional sports teams.

University of California, Irvine (UCI) (Pictured above was one of the pioneers in collegiate esports.

The University officially established the UCI Esports program, which included varsity teams, scholarships, and even a dedicated esports arena. That's committment.

UCI's League of Legends team, in particular, gained significant recognition and success.

Intramural Leagues

Some campuses offer intramural esports leagues, where students can form teams and compete against fellow students in a more casual setting. It opens new avenues for community building. These leagues can provide an entry point for newcomers to competitive gaming.

A growing number of colleges have developed varsity esports programs, treating esports similarly to traditional athletic programs. These programs offer scholarships, dedicated coaching, and access to practice facilities, providing a more structured and competitive experience for student gamers.





Student Organizations

Student-run organizations focused on gaming and esports provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, socialize, and compete. These organizations often organize events, tournaments, and gaming-related activities on campus.

Tournaments and Events

Colleges frequently host or participate in esports tournaments and events. These can range from small local competitions to larger regional or national tournaments, giving college students opportunities to showcase their skills.





Streaming and Content Creation

College students interested in gaming and esports often engage in streaming their gameplay on platforms like Twitch and creating content on YouTube. This allows them to build a personal brand, connect with an audience, and potentially earn income through sponsorships and donations.

Career Pathways

STEM, STEAM and high tech has become a go-to industry segment for legions of career explorers. As the esports industry expands, college students have begun to explore various career opportunities within the field, such as event management, marketing, broadcasting, game development, and more. Some universities even offer esports-related academic programs or courses.





Networking and Professional Development

Getting exposed to the right people is a huge benefit in any endeavor. Esports events and competitions provide a unique opportunity for college students to network with industry professionals, players, and other enthusiasts. This networking can lead to internships, job opportunities, and collaborations.

Scholarships and Prizes

Who does'nt want to win money? In addition to varsity esports scholarships, many tournaments and leagues offer cash prizes or scholarships to winners. College students can compete for these rewards while pursuing their passion for gaming.




It's important to note that the extent of college student involvement in esports may vary depending on the institution and region. Stay tuned for the follow up on the competitive world of gaming at specific colleges, universities, and local gaming communities.

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