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THE REVIEW: Audi E-Tron is Premium fun

This sweet premium SUV has the makings of a classic

by @TonyLesesne

Right away it's quite easy to see that Audi succeeded maintaining the DNA of its overall fleet and the way it's presented. Looking at the front fascia it's clear that the grill speaks to Audis design capabilities. It's straight ahead, inspiring, and sporty. It also has a quality to it that elevates its look and demeanor to a premium upscale finish.




The drive is absolutely fun. Yes it does have style and an upscale delivery, but one of the things I've discovered driving Audi is the amount of fun it is to drive this vehicle. Some would think that Audi gets lost in the mix with all the premium entries in the SUV segment aiming for affluent buyers.

Audi maintains a strong presence and a competitive drive quality from acceleration, to cruising, to breaking, the engineers hit on all key points. We'll get to some exact details in a moment, but first I want to emphasize how it feels sitting in the driver's seat. The sport bucket seats hug me and although I'm 6'3 I feel quite comfortable and cuddled in this vehicle. The readouts are all within a touch away and the accessibility to the basics that all of us need are right there.

The design and style is quite comforting and even elevating. One other thing that I can say about the Audi inside and out is it drives with a purpose but you're not going to get a cloned version on every corner. This car drives behaves and is styled for the individualism in each of us. The e-tron SUV and e-tron Sportback are primarily new packages. These include newly available orange brake calipers and new 21-inch wheel designs.




The previous e-Tron is replaced with what Audi calls the Chronos Edition. This top-spec model includes LED matrix headlights, the Black Optic package, and S-line exterior bits highlighted in Chronos Gray paint and sporting orange brake calipers inside black 21-inch wheels. Inside, there's a black headliner, gray ash wood interior accents, and rear-seat side airbags. The e-tron Sportback in Premium guise adds a Convenience Plus package with a 360-degree camera system, the Black Optic package and black 21-inch rims with orange brake calipers, and a suite of driver assists.




Finally, the fastback e-tron paired with the Prestige trim can now be fitted with 22-inch rollers and orange brake calipers as part of the Black Optic package.The interesting thing I discovered on the streets as I engaged the e-Tron during the test-drive sessions was the fact that your average driver would tun and notice the car. Some were bold enough to ask about it, expecially Audi owners who expressed satisfaction with the car. When people on the street tell you good things about car then you can bet its got street cred.




All in all, the Audi e-Tron is a sweet ride with all the premium treats. Its good looking, stylish and has the makings of a clasasic. Check out the Youtuibe short at the top of the page and let us know whaty you tjhiknk of this gorgeous SUV.

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