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POWER MOVES: Real Heroes in North Miami

Click the screen below to watch the video segment of Tony On the Scene

In this episode of POWER MOVES, we show you that real heroes don't wear fancy superhero suits and fly through the sky to the rescue. Real heroes look like you and me and they volunteer in times of need and distress. That takes us to the city of North Miami where volunteers, city employees, police officers, and the mayor's office worked together to distribute food at Sunkist Grove Community Center, a beautiful beautiful facility just west of Interstate-95.

The food giveaway was a sight to behold. It was a well organized activity that requires a high-degree of safety and coordination. The city's mayor's office made it simple and safe so that residents could simply drive their cars up to the distribution area with their trunks open to allow the workers to load the boxes of food quickly and efficiently.

Those foods included fruit, vegetables and protein. Being a race fan, the effort reminded me of the quick coordination race teams display when the race car pulls into the pits for new tires and gasoline. In this case, the hyped up members of the distribution team formed an assembly formation, passing box after box down the line, from the pallets to the trunks. They enthusiastically motivated one another; keeping up the energy and drive. It reminds me of an old saying, “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”.

All this action happened on a beautiful day in the beautiful city of North Miami. It is a suburban city about 10 miles north of Miami. With almost 60,000 residents, North Miami is the sixth largest city in Miami-Dade County. The city is noted for its tree-lined streets, and numerous parks. It was the perfect setting to get food to more than 700 cars in less than four hours.

That rapid distribution of boxes to residents was well designed and perfectly coordinated considering the space restrictions and traffic challenges. Yet the teams got it done with little to no stress and with an impressive display of teamwork and synergy.

Sharing this episode of “On the Scene” was fun and rewarding because we were able to capture the action, interact with the people from the city of North Miami around a positive and helpful cause. The police officers went out of their way to be helpful from start to finish. Yes it was inspiring.

I want to give a special Thanks to our friend and supporter, Eddie Rodham, who tipped us off on the event and to The Honorable Philippe Bien-Aime, Mayor of North Miami, and his entire team for being so welcoming and allowing us to serve them better by sharing this story with you. I want to also recognize our team's (LMG Entertainment) support of the effort. Stay tuned for more.

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