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PointComfort Art Fair + Show in Historic Overtown

Get out your calendars and prepare for somethng truly special. Hampton Art Lovers will present PointComfort Art Fair + Show in Historic Overtown at the Historic Ward Rooming House during Miami Art Week/Art Basel/Soul Basel 2022.

Point Comfort Art Fair + Show 2022 is a panoramic experience of ART, CONVERSATIONS, and Community. It features the art of Basil Watson, Brandon Clark, Tiffani Glenn, Phil Shung, Musa Hixon, Chris Clark, Tommy the Animator, and Judy Bowman, in the Gardens @ The Historic Ward Rooming House within an 80x40 foot tent.

The show also features a historic collection inside of the Historic Ward Rooming House showcasing "Charles White, Move on Up!" from The Norwood Collection and Florida Memorial University Special Collection.

They also, feature the artwork of Charles White and his circle of influence; artists that inspired and mentored him and artists that he mentored and inspired. They include David Siqueiros, Hale Woodruff, Henry Tanner, Thomas Hart Benton, Romare Beardon, Barrington Watson, John Biggers, Ernie Barnes & Benny Andrews, and Musa Hixson.

This show is the official companion exhibit for the Lowe Art Museum's (University of Miami) Exhibition "Charles White, A Little Higher," a 40-piece survey of the artwork of Charles White.

Location:Ward Rooming House-249 NW 9th St, Miami, FL 33136


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