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Olympics displaying our nation at it's best

It's good to be an American in spite of all the messiness that we put ourselves through with the divisiveness and lines drawn in the sand for our varying positions. The Olympics reminded us how inspiring it can be to be an American. Firstly through the diversity, unlike any other country in the world it's amazing to watch Asians, Hispanics, African Americans and Latin people as well as LGBTQ representation within the United States teams. Win, lose or draw, this diversity sends a message to the rest of the world that we are open to change and our ideals still push towards a diverse society.

The American experiment is a work in progress but diversity is alive and well in America as we look at these young people grabbing gold, silver, and bronze medals or just simply competing to the best of their ability. It's really refreshing after all the political turmoil we've faced in recent years.

The second reason is simply because of the ambition, fortitude, and desire our athletes continue to show as representatives of greatness on behalf of our nation. They've worked through pain and injuries, setbacks and heartbreaks and still keep striving to be better. These are athletes that have been training in many cases since they were young enough to just begin walking. Many coming from different kinds of social economic backgrounds and later coming together as one united team. That's simply awesome to witness.

The third reason is because of the opportunities we have provided athletes from other countries who now in spite of making a name for themselves in the United States, actually represent different countries. This says a lot about the USA and how it's evolved in recent years. We open our arms to athletes based on their talent driving determination and they can become professionals in the United States and still go back home and represent their home countries in the Olympics. This is an opportunity that is a win-win for the athletes and the fans alike.

Finally, it is an opportunity to show pride not only in our country but in our young people who work so hard to distinguish themselves and build careers afterwards. It was a source so of pride to see one of the premier athletes of our generation, Simone Biles, do great over these Olympic experiences. She pulled out of the competition because of her mental concerns and most people in the country, and around the world supported her difficult decision to do that. Thanks to the many fans and supporters for standing behind her. It is our hope, that we will continue to see the best examples of what America has to offer on the forefront.

Article by T.C Lesesne

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