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IN FOCUS TV Lifestyle puts local restaurants in the spotlight

by Tony C. Lesesne

Supporting local restaurants is critical to the success of any economy and we want to encourage you to do it. Supporting local restaurants is a simple campaign to inform and showcase establishments that may otherwise be overlooked. We invite you to participate in the campaign by highlighting and recognizing local establishments that are privately owned, give great service and provide tasty dishes.

Share your feedback with us and any images that compliment your favorite spots. This is open to anyone that loves food and has a supportive mindset when it comes to small and minority owned businesses. These are the most vulnerable establishments that require countless hours and skill to stay in business.

There are several reasons we want to highlight local restaurants and partner with outlets that also understand the need for this campaign and all of them are important to the industry and the economy. Local restaurants, like all small businesses, need to have the support and patronage from the communities they serve in order to thrive and provide more enjoyable lifestyle options in dining.

Another reason to eat local is that it allows you to keep your dollar right in the community. Again, it’s a chance to eat out in a way that’s not just subsidizing some big conglomerate. Instead, you’re creating real economic opportunity, potentially even creating jobs, in the neighborhood you call home.

The restaurant industry fosters regional job growth, supports local agriculture and keeps your hard-earned money in your community. When you choose to shop or dine at a local business or restaurant, you generate almost four times more economic benefits for your local community. We've already visited more than a dozen restaurants from Los Angeles, to San Francisco on the west coast, and of course various South Florida establishments, as well as Jacksonville, Orlando and the Florida space coast. We are certainly excited about sharing these adventures with you and learning about great culinary spots along the way.

For more lifestyle and food culture related content, check in with us here and stay connected on social media @InfocusTVOnline

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