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Hollywood Spotlight: The Matrix Resurrections has it's first official trailer

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

By Cameron Lesesne

The Matrix Resurrection has officially made it's long awaited return with a packed 3:00 trailer where we see a scene of what appears to be San Francisco as we focus in on Neo in a therapy session. Neil Patrick Harris plays the therapist and we see a black cat (a symbol for Deja vu) walk along a table with Neo questioning his sanity and reality itself, having dreams weren't just dreams. From there we're taken on a fever dream of imagery featuring the cast both appearing to not know who they really are and then displaying powerful abilities within the Matrix.

Return to form: This all new trailer really sets the record straight as we can see many of the things that we've loved most about Matrix coming back in true form. Keen viewers will see many groundbreaking scenes reimagined such as the dojo sequence with Neo and Morpheus from the original Matrix, as well as a motorcycle sequence where we see Neo and Trinity weaving city streets and manipulating the matrix with their abilities. There's a shot of the red pill, blue pill offer being made to Neo again, additionally we catch a glimpse of another rooftop helicopter sequence where Neo bends a missile into a second helicopter.

Cast and characters: Keanu Reeves returns as Neo aka The One aka Thomas Anderson and many are already wondering how he is alive or what's in store for him as a now resurrected messiah to the freedom of the world. We also notably have Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as what seems to be another iteration of Morpheus sporting an altered version of his iconic shades and being in a number of recognizable scenes such as the dojo training with Neo. Returning cast includes Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Jada Pinkett Smith as Naobi, and Lambert Wilson as Merovingian. There are also a plenty of of new faces added to the cast such as Cristina Ricci who plays a very meta role as a company rep, Jessica Henwick who is a seen as the bright haired badass performing feats of agility and shooting as agents. Jonathan Groff, Telma Johnson as what we think may be another iteration of the oracle, Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson and Priyanka Chopra Jonas amongst many others.

What we're looking forward to: Matrix is one of those films that brings so many themes together, it's difficult to pinpoint a certain aspect as a favorite. What I will say is I'm looking forward to many of the unanswered questions of the franchise, mind-bending action sequences, and psychedelic visuals that complement a deeply rooted human story about freedom of the mind, body and spirit.

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