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HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT: Nia DaCosta is "Killing it"


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If you don't know about Nia DaCosta, then here's a great opportunity to learn about a young woman making Hollywood history. Nia DaCosta is on a streak. She's "Killing It" having directed big Hollywood tentpoles and gathering steam as one of a very few women doing what she's doing. DaCosta has gathered a lot of fame in a relatively short period of time.

She's the first in a few categories

She is the first African American woman to have a #1 film. Her first film, Little Woods, received the Nora Ephron award for "excellence in storytelling by a female writer or director."

She also received nominations for her film Candyman for "Most Anticipated Film for the Rest of 2021" at the 2021 Hollywood Critics Association and won the awards for "Directors to Watch", and "Best Horror Film" respectively.

With her directorial work in Candyman, DaCosta received her first nomination at the 53rd NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture, and at the Black Reel and Awards for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Screenplay, Adapted or Original.

Those accolades are amazing for a woman still gaining ground but it says something about her talent and impact. The overarching theme of DaCosta's films and work is to spark a conversation on a bad situation, more importantly spark a different conversation that is different from the mainstream one.

In her schooling she was told as a writer to "write what you know".DaCosta recalled in an interview thinking that she grew up experiencing a rather privileged lifestyle living in New York City because there were so many resources so much knowledge to be soaked up living in the city.

She instead turned to the emotions from certain experiences and how her emotions experienced was something that she knew about and could write about, and people could connect with.[1] Instead of writing about her experiences she would write about someone in the opposite shoes as her, which is where the story for LittleWoods came around. DaCosta's work speaks for the people who do not get their story and their issues shown on screen in an effort to spark a conversation about what people are doing and if others can do better.


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