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Food Trends - Vegan and Beyond: IN FOCUS TV Lifestyle

Food and food lifestyles are changing and people are getting even more health conscious of what they put into their bodies. 2022 will be no different but there will be even more innovation of these trends. You will find diets that will be specific for body types, disease processes, body deficiencies, weight loss, weight gain and so much more. Food is evolving just as much if not more than the technology around us. Here are a few exciting things to look out for.


What we're dealing with here is future foods. Future foods also have the potential to be generally less greenhouse gas intensive. We say generally because it all depends on your energy source. Future foods tend to be fairly energy intensive to produce and process, so the catch is that you'd need to be using renewable energy to help make the food.

The future of food has a lot to do with innovation. We're not only talking about what is grown in the fields, but also in the labs. From lab-grown meat, edible insects, seaweed, a stronger shift towards plant-based foods, to massive changes in food production and agriculture, the next decades will see a considerable shift in what food we put on our plates.

Vegan lifestyle

Vegetarianism is truly dynamic now with incredible work from food engineers. Take plant milk, for example. Who needs coconut milk when there’s potato milk? Made from mixing boiled potatoes with the water they’re cooked in, apparently, it’s pretty good, especially with the addition of several other ingredients, including pea protein. DUG is a potato-based milk available now in some European and Chinese locales.

yes being a vegan has been on the menu for quite some time but the addition of foods that are plant based yet look and taste like meats and other items the general public are accustomed to will forge and attract a lot of new converts. The health and fitness benefits will keep them and help expand the community.

Flexible diets

Flex diets will continue on their trend upward, flexible diets are an open gateway to vegetarianism while still indulging in meat products just not as often. Average once or twice a week rather than with every meal. A precursor/ predecessor to this type of diet were diets that followed a Pescatarian menu (they only ate meat that came from fish).


Fusion will be the order of the day, with the introduction of new cultures to our society the foods and ingredients they use will make its way into our kitchens and lifestyles. Fusion cooking has always keen on the cutting edge and that will continue to do so. The difference is people will be more inclined to sample and indulge in these new innovations.

Low Carb diets will continue to make headlines, as people continue to seek and indulge in healthy lifestyles.

Carb control will continue to be a concern as well as a means of weight and fat control. However, this innovation in food will also be proven to be a pathway to controlling many disease processes.

Low card, high vitamin and mineral diets will become a bigger part of a healthy lifestyle and will make its way into your doctor’s office to help usher in better eating and living.

Home cooking

People are finding themselves cooking more at home for their families. This could be as a result of the recent pandemic. It could also be due to the high cost of fast foods and eating out too often. Either way, the need to increase ones kitchen skills are paramount.

This has made more people find the love of cooking and dining at home again as it was decades ago. This trend will continue with a twist. We now have the internet and access to great recipes and new ingredients at our finger tips. While dining out will continue, home cooking will also grow and you will find families getting together even more often with the home dinner parties emerging as a new trend. Personal chef services and catering will see a surge once we are able to gather safely again.

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