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Finance initiative

Updated: May 6, 2021

FinanceFOCUS is a multi-segmented web series produced by Lesesne Media Group Entertainment and distributed on IN FOCUS TV, Youtube, Facebook, and supporting web and television outlets. Finance is one of the most important elements of your life and it determines your lifestyle options. In these trying times where finance matters more than ever, Infocus TV is committed to addressing issues relating to your financial wellness and wealth building.

FinanceFOCUS provides insight through interviews, videos, resources, and services available that are providing you with the best service, quality, and consistency. FinanceFOCUS also aims to assist you with news, surveys, and updates on banking, investing, and long-term planning.

For 27 years, IN FOCUS has delivered quality, original video and text content to our diverse audiences of influencers. We also asked that you pay attention to those that advertise with us and work to be present and supportive of your communities, especially where there are disparities in loans, banking, and finance as well as vendor procurement opportunities.

Wealth building is good for our entire community as well as our country and those institutions financial and otherwise that pay attention to your needs through our efforts should be recognized and patronized. You can depend on FinanceFOCUS to provide weekly updates that include “Money Talks” finance updates, and your business's finance - all of which make up the FinanceFOCUS roster of content.

Article by TC Lesesne

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