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Buyer's market in Automotive: AutoFOCUS World

Our audiences in the AutoFOCUS World space have been frequently asking about recommendations for their next car but have also had concerns about whether it's the right time considering a global pandemic continues on. Well, there's hope yet because it's a great time to make your next vehicle purchase if you're prepared. The Automotive industry like many others has taken a major hit during the COVID19 pandemic but as a consumer, this may come off as good news if you are looking to purchase a vehicle while the times are tough. Take advantage of some of these tips and strategies to get the best deals on the new wheels that have your attention.

Rental vehicles are not in as heavy use as commonly expected for the summer and fall seasons in 2020, meaning rental companies are selling off inventory to offset their costs. This means you can get a steal on a well-maintained vehicle with relatively low miles from one of these companies. Look into the Hertz car rental company and Enterprise to start your search.

Newer vehicles are a viable option as opposed to older, more affordable options as we're approaching the 2021 lineup, meaning vehicles from the 2020 lineup and prior can be at the top of your list. Deals like this are even sweeter as some manufactures have opted for offering $0 down payment options and extended warranty deals to offer more value to customers. Be sure to search based on the brands that interest you the most first and then explore their unique offerings to see what you can take advantage of.

Getting a car through a private sale is another great way to find deals on daily drivers that may not be in as much use as usual considering recent lockdowns due to COVID. Private sellers usually leave some room for negotiations so a deal may be in your backyard with the right searching through services like,,, and many others. As a pro tip, make sure you get the proper title information, carfax and run a full inspection with a trusted mechanic before making a private purchase, you want to make sure the vehicle is in the very best condition when you take it home.

For more in the world of Automotive stay tuned to AutoFOCUS World.

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By C.L - Infocus TV

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