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Are Smart Kitchens for you?


Hello my fellow foodies. The global pandemic has created the emergence of exciting new tech, and unusual trends that will affect the foods you have access to. Let's review just a few.


Kitchen equipment took a leap forward last year with the addition of smart appliances to many kitchens and showrooms. That trend will continue to evolve and get better making you even more connected to your home and kitchen.

Here are a few additional trends to watch out for:

  1. Designers have entered the kitchen so look for new colors and color schemes for your appliances.

  2. Bluetooth innovation will make its way into more of your kitchen with gadgets that make it easier for you to cook from a distance and with more precise results.

  3. Combination equipment is on the rise and you will find appliances that will satisfy the roles of many of your kitchen gadgets in one unit. An example is the ability to fry, broil and bake on one counter top unit.

What about cool kitchen tech for the vegans of the world?

  1. Look for steaming units. With the rise of vegan and alternative plant based diets, food preparation will be paramount. Steaming units are being introduced to kitchens to pick up the slack and help usher in the healthy lifestyles.

  2. Technology and personalization will be at the forefront of kitchen equipment development and it will be exciting so hold on to your hats.

Written by Chef Rolin Gordon


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