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Why Biden rolled the dice on Kamala Harris

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The big news in politics is that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has selected Kamala Harris, the popular California Senator and former presidential candidate as his running mate. The selection catapults Biden and Harris into the history books, win or lose. She's the first African-American with Indian heritage to assume the role of running mate. It's a bold move for Biden but a carefully calculated one. In spite of the criticism that may come from anti-Harris critics, there are compelling reasons Biden may have made his choice from a strong field of women.


1. Biden likes the "fight" in her

Some candidates get angry when attacked or criticized. That should be expected in the world of politics, but even the current president has a tough time handling attacks and criticisms. Joe Biden sparred with senator Harris a number of times during the debates. Sometimes it got pretty aggressive, especially when Harris attacked Biden for his record on school segregation in the '60s. Some would have written her off then and there for any chance of a VP selection if she didn't take home all the marbles in the Democratic primaries. Biden's decision to move ahead with senator Harris tells us a little more about him. He's not holding grudges, and looking for an edge. Biden's no wimpy Joe. The fight that Harris took to him likely impressed him more than anything else.

2. She's really tough in a head-to head face-off - something democrats need

In Kamala Harris, Biden found that edge, and then some. You don't have to like Harris to respect her. There are lots of people who hold it against her because she was a state prosecutor. That means she locked people up. Nobody's happy about that role especially in the black community. But watching her grill people in her cross-hairs was a wonder to behold.

Trump remarked that Harris was "nasty" to Joe Biden in the debates. Hey, its a debate, no place for flowers and wine. She showed that she's fearless then and fearless now. Democrat, Republican, or independent, not many people would want to go toe-to-toe with her. That's the edge Biden needs. In spite of those strong and concise performances, some of her critics will still make her out to be weak on certain issues. But you'd find it hard to argue that she won't give you a good old-fashioned back-alley political dog fight, and look good doing it.

Palin's advise was mature, forthcoming and insightful. Can a vice-president help win an election? Of course! They can lose one as well. But Harris is confident and evolves at each level. Biden may actually appreciate someone at his side that will give it to him straight; challenge him if necessary, and correct him.


3. She can rally the troops across various groups

There are plenty of sectors across the country that will see this as an opportunity to exploit her race and gender to elevate racial tensions. Harris knows how to get people stirred up and there are plenty of people out there that don't need much when they consider a Trump repeat.




4. She just might make a decent President (just in case)

Presidential candidates lean on their running mates in lots of ways. When they take office, that role changes in many ways. The vice president backs up the president, watches his back and takes in fights that the big guy in the Oval Office can't deal with. To be frank, the vice president is in training every day in case the president falls ill, or can complete his/her term. At the end of the day, a vice president could end up in the oval office and that's what a presidential candidate has to always consider. We would bet that Joe Biden and his team have definitely considered that.


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