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When Art meets Auto: Acura does Miami's Scope Art Show


Buckle up, art enthusiasts and automotive aficionados, because Acura just dropped the coolest combo at Miami Art Week, blending sleek cars with mind-bending art at Scope Art Show. Picture this: a dazzling display of Acura's finest vehicles, strategically parked on the sandy shores, setting the scene for an epic art extravaganza.

Can it get any better when presenting an amazing vehicle at an amazing event with amazing people? Well, yeah! That frame behind us is actually an art installation and it was one that we will nevern forget. Yes, we were in the house, capturing all the good stuff from Scope Art Show with Acura making a splash BIG TIME!

Our journey kicked off where Acura, the mastermind behind this automotive artistry, showcased a lineup of jaw-dropping vehicles. If you're someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes art while having a soft spot for Miami's vibrant art scene, you were in for a treat. Acura rolled into town, ready to spice things up and give us a taste of the dynamic exhibits at the Scope Art Show.

As the exclusive auto partner of Scope Art Show Miami Beach, Acura isn't just riding the wave; they're making waves in the creative community. The partnership is a testament to Acura's commitment to supporting emerging creators and giving them a platform to weave their stories into the fabric of the art world.

But here's where it gets even more exciting – the headliner of the show, the electrifying Acura ZDX. This futuristic masterpiece wasn't just parked outside the exhibit center; it was stealing the spotlight with its cutting-edge design and top-tier competition chops. We did a victory lap around the ZDX, gathered insights from Acura's brain trust, snapped a few cool pics, and then things escalated – the Acura team cranked the event up a notch.

The dynamic HOXXOH exhibit

The Acura hosts make a quick, informative presentation and took all of our questions. The ZDX is impressive to say the least, and it look good. Acura's all-new, all-electric 2024 ZDX performance SUV took a breathtaking turn with an immersive gallery experience, a collaborative effort with the Miami-based art maestro HOXXOH. Yup, he's the real deal and we were in for a treat.

Suddenly, we found ourselves not just outside the exhibit area but inside, surrounded by the artistic prowess of none other than HOXXOH. The celebration of Acura's all-new, all-electric 2024 ZDX performance SUV took a breathtaking turn with an immersive gallery experience, a collaborative effort with the Miami-based art maestro HOXXOH.

The Acura House of Energy at Scope Art Show transformed into a visual playground, adorned with HOXXOH's murals inspired by Acura's Precision Crafted Performance DNA. The 2024 ZDX took center stage, becoming a living canvas for HOXXOH's mind-bending techniques, blending the 'Portal' and 'Transfer' methods. Imagine arcs of aerosol spray paint dancing with gravity, creating a mesmerizing synergy of colors. HOXXOH's art morphed before our eyes, thanks to chromatic RGB light and print techniques, turning the gallery into a futuristic dreamscape.

We caught up with HOXXOH, who shared his thoughts on his creative process. Inspired by the magic city of Miami, he shared how the city's lights, music, vibrant colors, and nature have fueled his artistic journey. The fusion of his dynamic vision with the sleek Acura ZDX is proof that when art and automotive collide, magic happens.

Big kudos to Antonio Jakes and the Acura team for orchestrating this epic occasion. Shout out to all the beautiful people who joined the ride, making scope art fair and Miami Art Week 2023 a memory for the books. Acura didn't just attend; they owned the scene (Scope Art Show) leaving us revved up for more art-infused automotive adventures in the future. So, what's next on Acura's creative roadmap? Buckle up, because the journey has just begun!


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