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Weekend Wrap Up: Enjoy our Top 3 shows of the week

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

What a week Kanye wants to run for president, President Trump won't wear a mask and wants to open schools this coming fall. The NBA cuts it's schedule and teams to create a playoff system. Meanwhile hurricane season is here and expected to be an active storm season.

Here are our top 3 web shows of the week.

1. HOW DRONES HELP REDUCE HURRICANE DAMAGE (Below) - We went out in the rain, storms and wind to show you vulnerabilities and evacuation considerations as well as the drone technology re-defining the way FPL works to keep your lights on.

2. HOW TO ROCK THAT MASK IN STYLE - Masks are a key safety measure in adapting to the COVID19 pandemic but they've also become a fashion statement. Check out some of Infocus TV's tips to up the style factor with your masks. (See Below)

3. TAKE FLIGHT IN THE LINCOLN CORSAIR - The Summer season of AutoFOCUS World kicks off with this fun and entertaining short web series featuring one of the most unique Luxury SUV's on the global market - from our South Florida locations.

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