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Tua healthy means the Dolphins can compete

Tuanigamanuolepola (Tua) Tagovailoa (tuhng·guh·vai·low·uh) is on fire. He's nearly unstoppable when healthy. We're not going to beat you to death with lots of stats. All you need to know is Tua came back and the Dolphins are winning.

As of this media release, Tua is undefeated as a starter this season with five wins. That record may change as the season progresses but the numbers speak for themselves. The media and the fans are going crazy about the records Tua is setting and the thrill of his on field performances are stirring up tons of excitement.

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This is your franchise quarterback, and any sensible NFL fan knows that you have to have more than a strong quarterback. A contender for the title would be wise to have two or three backups that can carry the team. That's not the case with the Dolphins. If that was a case those backups would have won games by now but they haven't.

So here we are looking at a season that can be the boom or bust. We suggest that Dolphin fans stay optimistic and stay on alert because the defense is looking really sharp at times. In fact, the defense is helping by shutting down opposing offenses and getting the ball back to their own offensive roster.

Getting a running game to support the passing game is key to helping Tua get the most out of the offense. Raheem Mostert is a quality runner, but things just got better for the offensive backfield. Jeff Wilson Jr. joins the team from the 49ers. In eight games this season, Wilson rushed for 468 yards with a 5.1 average for the 49ers. By comparison, Mostert — who has really powered up over the last month — has 451 rushing yards with a 4.5 average.


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Tua and the Dolphins look ready to compete for the next few years.

The AFC East is a tough one with each of the teams showing that they're ready to compete. You've got the return of the Buffalo bills who look like a juggernaut of a team this year. Then you've got the surprise Jets who are right there at the top of them heap. You've got the Patriots that are always tough by simply looking at their coaches.

So each of the teams in the AFC East are ready for prime time and the dolphins need to be able to handle every one of them. This time though, the Dolphins team wasted no time locking down their newest pass rusher for the future in Bradley Chubb who agreed to a five-year, $110 million extension that includes $63.2 million guaranteed, ESPN reported Thursday morning. Chubb is a top 10 level player at his position when healthy and a solid pass rusher and run defender. Stay on the lookout for more sports updates by subscribing to our channel here and on YouTube. Fins UP!!


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