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Lebron James & A-listers elevate social justice & political engagement

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

By Cameron Lesesne & IN FOCUS TV The Round Table

Lebron James is one of the greatest sports celebrities on the planet. He's also one of the most politically active and his influence is undeniable. He is without a doubt, politically aware and engaged but also a catalyst for others to do the same.

Political awareness has become an unavoidable reality due to the dramatic shifts in public conversations about equity, racial injustices, governmental accountability and many other pressing issues.

The conversations have erupted into nearly every element of our lives, from entertainment and sports to daily news and social media. Historically speaking, some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment have led of openly supported political issues that had social justice implications.




Today, athletes including Colin Kaepernick, Malcolm Jenkins and, most recently, LeBron James, are continuing this political activism, showing the world, once again, that they recognize and experience injustices, too, and plan to continue to drive the dialogue and maintain a full-court press in the issues that remain an open sore to America.

Politics are a reality present whenever groups of people gather and it is a fact of modern life that the people must understand and take part in to better navigate the world.

With the breakout of COVID 19, voters were able to evaluate just how well our elected officials performed as the pandemic worsened. wise, astute observers - those more politically aware, were able to cut through the smoke and mirrors to see the numbers grow in cases while the level of wisdom and strategy also worsened. Add to that the fact that African-Americans were again asking why the cases in the Black community are higher than the rest. Again, the political landscape come into focus as the research reveals that resources are much scarcer in Black communities. These are "in your face" political issues that only lead to one answer. VOTING!

Women are moving full-speed ahead in the era of political awareness. State Representative Dotie Joseph (at right) has quietly grown a powerful movement of women supporters and elevated new voices in the process. More women are striking the right chord in alerting others to issues that matter. It has resulted in more women in office and more women leading movements that make an impact.

Now with the current climate and various nationwide challenges coming to the forefront it's absolutely necessary to understand what issues affect you and those you care for. Issues are becoming more nuanced and more difficult to navigate if you solely rely on primary news outlets, there is a rise of political awareness And in necessity to do your own research and understand these issues on a deeper level. Local and statewide elections are proving to be the clearest path to resolving the flaw within our communities and our nation.

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