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The Miami Report: F1 ready for Miami next May 3-5, 2024

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

By @TonyLesesne

The behind-the-scenes world of F1, including technical developments, team dynamics, and strategic decisions, can carry an air of mystery and intrigue, which can be alluring for those interested in uncovering hidden details. Its time to get that feeling all over again. South Florida Motorsports (SFM), the organizers of the FORMULA 1 CRYPTO.COM MIAMI GRAND PRIX, are delighted to announce that tickets for next year’s race go on sale today. With the recent confirmation of the 2024 calendar, Formula 1 will make a spectacular return to the Miami International Autodrome on the weekend of May 3-5, 2024.



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With over 270,000 fans at the three days of 2023’s race, increased demand has meant organizers are releasing tickets earlier than usual and will increase capacity to 100,000 spectators per day for next year’s event.

F1 is a global sport that travels to glamorous destinations around the world. The combination of luxurious settings, beautiful race tracks, and the presence of high-profile personalities adds to the allure of the sport.

For 2024, all existing grandstands will return, with increased capacity at some of the most popular areas of the circuit, including the Start/Finish and Turn 1 North grandstands.

All grandstands offer shaded sections, reserved seating and access to the full MIA Campus experience.

Alongside the grandstands, the many unique hospitality options are also going on sale today, including the hottest beach club in Miami where guests can watch the action between Turns 11 and 13. Its a perfect spot alongside a signature pool and world-renowned performers at the Hard Rock Beach Club, or the Boathouse which offers incredible views of the high-speed corner complex at Turns 4 and 5.

The Casa Tua Trackside Club, The Villas and The Vista at Turn 1 all offer close up views of the first corner action, with the renowned 72 Club overlooking the racing towards Turn 4, and the Turn 18 Club and Turn 18 Suites offering panoramic views as the drivers come off the long back straight, towards one of the best overtaking areas on the track. The General Admission Campus Pass ticket will be evolved further for 2024, and go on sale later this year.

This past May, the second edition of the FORMULA 1 CRYPTO.COM MIAMI GRAND PRIX was an overwhelming success thanks to the significant investment made by South Florida Motorsports and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and the direction of Managing Partner Tom Garfinkel.

With the addition of a new permanent Paddock Club building (seen at left) and a complete repaving of the 3.36-mile track, fans were able to experience one of the best Formula 1 events on the calendar.

The paddock's importance to audiences lies in its ability to offer an intimate look at the sport, connect fans with the human side of F1, provide a unique event experience, and create opportunities for engagement and interaction. It adds depth and dimension to the F1 experience, making it more than just a series of races but a captivating spectacle that engages fans on multiple levels. in addition to enjoying a thrilling on-track spectacle. That spectacle includes even more overtaking than the inaugural race, including for the lead with nine laps remaining. That is one of the most critical elements of great racing. When drivers get to show off their extraordinary racing skills and reflexes when overtaking or fighting for positioning, the fand goes absolutely nuts.

An independently commissioned economic report has also revealed the local economy benefited by $449 million from 2023’s race, an increase of 29% on 2022, which brings a total impact over the race’s first two years to $798 million. Visitor spending in the Greater Miami region during race week reached over $195 million and total attendance was up nearly 15% in 2023, emphasizing Miami’s place on the calendar as a destination race.

The fans who visited the Miami International Autodrome this year were able to enjoy an enhanced spectator experience with one of the most popular changes being the upgraded Campus Pass, which enabled fans to enjoy the spectacle of the all-new F1 Team Village on the home field of the Miami Dolphins from the 300 level of Hard Rock Stadium.

The race also provided employment opportunities with salaries and wages reaching $150 million — an increase of 41% from the first year of the race. The report, prepared by Applied Analysis, gathered economic and fiscal data from Formula 1, Miami Dolphins, the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau plus state and local governments, in addition to spend profiles from attendee surveys.

The construction of a new permanent Paddock Club building also led to a 60% increase in construction-related economic activity, with an impact of $230 million on the Greater Miami region in the months leading up to May’s event.





“We are delighted to be able to release tickets for next year’s race so early,” said Tyler Epp, President of the FORMULA 1 CRYPTO.COM MIAMI GRAND PRIX.

“Thanks to the huge investment into Miami International Autodrome made by Stephen Ross and under the vision and leadership of Tom Garfinkel, this year’s race built on the foundations of our first event and took the spectator experience to a new level, which we aim to further for 2024" said Epp (pictured above).

Epp shouild know. His deep and dynamic motorsports racing backgrouind gives him a unique perspective. Epp previously served as the race’s senior VP and COO with more than 20 years of senior management experience spanning multiple sports, including eight years at the Kansas City Chiefs. His pre-Miami GP motorsport experience spans five years with Chip Ganassi Racing’s multi-discipline outfit, four years as general manager of Hall of Fame Racing, a NASCAR Cup Series team, and he began his career at Kansas Speedway.

Many F1 race weekends are held in cities with rich cultural heritage and attractions (like greater Miami). Visitors may take the opportunity to explore the local culture, landmarks, and tourist sites, thus contributing to the city's tourism industry. We do our best to help them explore all that is awesome in the region.

It’s also incredible to see the significant economic impact the race has had on the local area with $449 million directly benefitting the Greater Miami region, and we look forward to building on that in 2024 and beyond.”In addition to the economic impact, the FORMULA 1 CRYPTO.COM MIAMI GRAND PRIX continues to be at the heart of the local community.

As you can see at left, over 200 students from Miami Gardens, Florida, participated in a series of STEM educational programs at this year’s race while 14 minority-owned food vendors took part in the food and drink experience on Campus.

Constructed for the inaugural race in 2022, the Miami International Autodrome is a 3.36-mile circuit located in Miami Gardens. With a brand-new Paddock Club building and state-of-the-art facilities, the venue in the Hard Rock Stadium complex also includes one of the best medical centers in the sport, provided by Jackson Health System. Jackson’s Ryder Trauma Center is responsible for the medical staff, equipment and primary treatment facility for drivers and other team personnel during the event.



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