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The Metaverse & Hyundai's vision for metamobility

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Click the screen below to watch the latest Beyond Insight episode on the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a hot topic these days and its getting hotter since Hyundai revealed its vision of ways to engage it. "The entire experience was immersive, fun and this is something that can allow users to enjoy and charge up the imagination and there's plenty of entertainment value in it.

The Metaverse is an iteration of the greater internet represented by 3D virtual worlds, focused on social connection. Now that’s a mouthful. What’s really important for you to wrap your mind around is that the metaverse could become the next major online destination where users from around the globe can come together, engage, buy, sell, play, work and do almost anything. So, to be clear the metaverse is essentially a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality, and blurs the line between your interactions online and in real life. In other words it’s where we connect and it’s undoubtedly where the internet is heading, so we better get ready for it.

“The metaverse” was among the biggest buzz words at 2022 CES, Consumer Electronic Showcase. Euisun Chung, Exec Chair of Hyundai Motor Group and one of the architects of Hyundai's vision for the metaverse shared his vision at a press conference during CES. It was simple yet enlightening.

To get started in my metaverse experience, I entered Hyundais' eye-popping virtual space called JoyTown, where I had the opportunity to create my own Avatar, which was pretty quick and easy. You can get as creative as you want with the look and fashion choices of your avatar, after all, this is a virtual world. Then I loaded my Avatar into my selected JoyTown scene. I selected the studio setting, where I enjoyed some music. In this scenario my friend calls to invite me to a festival, so off I go. From there, I easily hop into my Mobis.

Blending community based travel solutions with social interactivity, Mobis is an all-electric vehicle platform that comes in 2 different sizes: 30 kilowatts and 50 kilowatts. The Mobis features an external LED that can display images, messages, graphics and information to those outside. The vehicle is designed for commuter travel in the city but also offers some recreational options like camping and other activities with plenty of storage options. It’s also very well suited for delivery services and ride sharing.

When you’re interfacing with the Mobis, it’s reminiscent of a classic arcade video game steering wheel. If you’re over 25 you might remember those. The Mobis has a wide field of view and a uniquely designed transparent display so you have a full view in the M-VISION model. Get this, the Mobis has crab walk capabilities taking mobility to the next level. Wheels designed to move forward and backwards or side to side, allow for innovative parking assistance for those tight or awkward spaces. The M.Vision POP EV is known to be a battery-electric two-seater for car-sharing applications. The M.Vision 2GO is based on the same platform as the two-seater, but as mentioned, it is 60 centimetres longer and has a fuel cell drive. Hyundai Mobis states a range of up to 200 kilometres and a cargo volume of about 600 litres. At the end of the day, its about mobility.

One thing we know for sure, the world is changing and the way we connect is evolving. I see the metaverse as a social connectivity platform has many uses, and will be limited only by our imagination. I’m excited to learn more as it all unfolds and evolves further. The concept is familiar, so I can see a broad appeal for varying age groups. It could be a fun family experience, one that I would engage in with my own family. I can even see it providing companionship, in a world where in person connections may become more limited. Allowing users to create their own unique characters and engage in scenarios for the experience and the fun of it sets your imagination free. That makes me interested in playing, it’s like stepping outside of yourself, and immersing into a different world. How exciting!!

This battery-electric two-seater can be used for sharing services and as a delivery vehicle with fuel cell propulsion. The innovation is a part of its new Plug & Drive (PnD) platform. Hyundai Mobis allows all four wheels to turn 90 degrees with two versions designed as futuristic pods. Lesesne added this system cuts the fat with an efficient design and a clear, practical purpose. Adding a metaverse component is truly out of the box innovation."

By Woodie Lesesne

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