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Settlement to family of Breonna Taylor for $12 million by City of Louisville

A step in the right direction was made towards justice for Breonna Taylor in the form of a $12 million settlement between the City of Louisville and Taylor's family. According to her family attorney, this is one of the largest payouts for a police killing in the history of the country. A part of the agreement  included a number of changes in how local officers obtain and execute search warrants.

The settlement requires police commanders to approve all search warrant applications that are submitted to a judge, said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. Police will also have to conduct extensive risk assessments before applying for a warrant. Changes come as a result of the loss of a precious life and the $12 million settlement for the wrongful killing of Breonna Taylor and countless others like her should put police departments around the country on notice that there is and will continue to be a consequences to pay for such careless police actions.

A nationwide outcry for fundamental changes in policing and the overall justice system continue to resonate as costly lawsuits and long term ramifications to the structure of the United States Justice System. Activists are still seeking that the office responsible for Breonna death be arrested and charge, we are still seeing how that side of the case will be resolved. Social justice is on the forefront of many of the leading dialogues and the people pushing their voices to the forefront wont be relenting any time soon.

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Article by Woodie Lesesne

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