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Ransomware Basics

The Cyber threat you need to know about NOW

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Ransomware is in the news more than ever. It is one of the biggest security problems on the internet and one of the biggest forms of cybercrime that governments and organizations face today.
Ransomware is a form of malicious software that encrypts files and documents on anything from a single PC all the way up to an entire network, including servers. Its scary. Victims can either pay a ransom to the criminals responsible for the ransomware, or restore from backups. Even worse, they can start again from scratch. Basically, it can ruin your business and damage your reputation. Basic defenses nay indeed help so learn what you can and share with your teams.

A Message from Miami-Dade County

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The country’s summer of freedom from covid-19 is turning savage for the half of the nation that is still not fully vaccinated. Coronavirus cases are increasing almost exclusively in the unprotected population. 

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Summer energy saving tips
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Beyond Insight

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Infocus Lifestyle

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The Big Challenge

Power Moves

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