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POWER MOVES: Miami has more stories to tell through alliances

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Every success has a story, and when it comes to Miami's global success as a tourism destination, there are plenty of stories that have yet to be told. That's when the leaders from the Black Owned Media Alliance (BOMA) and the Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau came together to celebrate the new CEO and form what would be considered a power move.

The Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau is a marketing arm enabling visitors, convention goers and meeting planners the insight, incentives, and plenty of reasons to plan for and enjoy Miami and its beaches. The goal of the BOMA welcome reception was to break bread and synergize with CEO David Whitaker in his new role as well as further engage his team and leverage the strength of BOMA media outlets to help elevate Miami. The GMCVB's team was on hand to enjoy the evening as well. It was a perfect example of how two entities with a shared vision and set of ideals can come together for the benefit of our community socially, culturally, economically, and from a branding standpoint.

The initiative also highlights the value of equity and inclusion when cultivating and expanding opportunities in tourism and brand awareness. The ability to generate consistent media support, exposure and ad branding can provide an enormous lift for the visitor industry. Targeted advertising, messaging and story-telling at various key points throughout the year can enable potential visitors and even locals to discover the thousands of stories that can be told from an editorial perspective through print, digital, radio and TV. Whitaker said that the GMCVB and BOMA have the potential to increase awareness and insight into the benefits of experiencing all that the region has to offer.

BOMA President Tony C. Lesesne of LMG Entertainment (pipctured at left with BOMA VP Melissa Hunter Davis) said the BOMA outlets consistently promote Miami through uplifting and inviting stories, lifestyle content and events that expose and elevate the culture. "We as media owners consistently incorporate Miami and other key visitor destinations in our content. Our outlets are diverse with some that focus on lifestyle, music, film and events, food, and ways to enjoy our beautiful region." Lesesne added that visitors often see BOMA outlets and lean on them for updates and insight. Today, we showed the GMCVB that they matter and they showed us that we matter. We're ready to show how much we can do together."

David Whitaker speaks to the media owners of BOMA as Tony C. Lesesne looks on

Tourism is a billion dollar industry with Florida being among the most desired destinations. South Florida is a marque destination with so many points of interest in the region. Lesesne noted that BOMA media outlets have a specific advantage being based in this area and we are often the eyes, ears and voice of the cultural diversity that we celebrate. "We can share the positive stories that we experience each day with the rest of the world, which is an invitation to come and enjoy it for yourself."

Dexter Bridgeman CEO Of Legacy/MIA Media shares a laugh with Video Mix CEO Jesse Coleman

Whitaker spoke of the many Miami stories that have yet to be told and places yet to be discovered by locals and visitors alike. The city has always been a world-class destination and with its diverse and eclectic locations, venues and offerings.

Debra Toomer (WMBM) with Connie Kinnard (GMCVB and Woodie Lesesne (IN FOUS TV)

BOMA consists of media owners from across South Florida whose united mission is to help marketers and brands elevate their bottom line through strategic and sustainable advertising and marketing campaigns that give them the competitive edge. The tourism industry is one of the key drivers of our local economy. There are people who come to visit from all over the country as a result of what they hear, see, read and watch on our collective media outlets. It's a win-win for everyone for us to work together and bring more people here from everywhere else while energizing the local markets to explore and discover the jewels right here in our region.

The "Welcome to Miami" Initiative is being led by the BOMA events committee which is chaired by VP Melissa Hunter-Davis. She said hosting the event at a small business establishment (Lil Greenhouse Grill) was a part of the effort to energize and highlight a restaurant in Miami. It has become a successful initiative to help new leaders feel a sense of community when they arrive in Miami.

"We want to welcome every leader into this region, regardless of race or nationality. This is one of the most diverse regions in the U.S. and we want to help make it work better for locals and for newcomers.

We've only scratched the surface" Lesesne added. The total number of visitors to Greater Miami is estimated to be 24.2 million in 2019, up from 23.3 million in 2018. Overnight visitors accounted for 16.3 million, or 67% of the total, and the remaining 7.9 million just visited for the day.

Lesesne said there are wider lifestyle and leisure issues that the Black community has as well. "These are what I call anti-stress, high quality lifestyle activities that are important to our audiences. They want insight into how to spend money when traveling and with whom they patronize. That truly applies to travel and tourism. We are excited to elevate our contributions to travel plans for the audiences we serve all year long.


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