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POWER MOVES: Alexander Star flexes his master plan on the indie music scene

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

He has a new album, new partnerships and strategies for content streaming platforms

Alexander Star is an Emmy-nominated indie artist, songwriter, vocal producer, and social impact activist. He has toured 10+ countries and is one of the few musicians invited to perform inside the United Nations Headquarters multiple times. As the music world evolves more rapidly with the demand for streamed tunes, Star has announced the release of his new album, Five Star General.

Star is an example of how today’s entertainment entrepreneur’s consistently adapt to the rapidly changing music scene. “I created Five Star General with my good friends QST Music Group (Steven Q, Nick Steele, and Tag). They're a Grammy-winning multi-platinum production trio, and we're all independent artists & producers. Star says it's all a part of a master plan that includes addressing the realities of making good music while navigating the indie route from a business and positioning standpoint. “That means we're business owners battling our way through an industry dominated by big machines with well-equipped budgets” he says from his home in sunny South Florida.

With Five Star General, Star serves audiences using his indie label experience. “Our experiences in this industry (and outside of it) have made us metaphorical war heroes, because as indies in a cut-throat industry, we face battles that people with less purpose than us could never survive.” He says he’s ready to go to the next level because Five Star General reflects his evolution that his fans should enjoy. Five Star General is dynamic, crisp, and exudes an energetic vibe.

With a strong presence on social media, including a robust Instagram account, Star has a formula for long-term success. ”The key is forming strategic alliances with like-minded, and like-hearted, creatives, then rising up together as a unified force. My end-goal is to not only have an artistic body of work that people respect, but to be recognized as a prolific songwriter. so that I can write for other artists and eventually step away from the spotlight.

Consistency has also earned him numerous milestones and highlights. In 2020, Alexander Star's song "This Is My Era" was rebranded into a Super Bowl LIV campaign featuring NFL stars rapping Star's lyrics alongside him to help promote.

Connect with Alexander Star on social media:

Website: Instagram: @mralexanderstar

Twitter @MrAlexanderStar facebook: MrAlexanderStar


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