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Power Moves: Bryce Thompson's Millionaire mindset for Millennials

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Trends come and go, and waves of opportunity associated with such trends often are limited to those in the know, or those who have the access, wealth, and power to benefit from them. Often times those least connected and under informed miss those opportunities. This is the case with African-Americans and most minorities who continue to struggle to move up the economic stratosphere. Still there are those who continue to do their part informing, inspiring and engaging underrepresented communities. We call this series Finance Matters. Enjoy!


Bryce Thompson has transformed himself from intern to millionaire. Breaking stereotypes for young people, Thompson is one of the the youngest to ever reach such a milestone.

"I'm not alone in my success. I'm very quick to point out that my brother and a few of my closest friends have been there from the very beginning. Each milestone I surpass, I attribute every single one to them", says the Morehouse College alumni.

Expanding the dialogue about cyber currency and financial awareness, Infocus TV is proud to share Bryce's story on how he was able to make key decisions at critical points, to position himself for financial success.

Thompson points out some of the key elements that were impactful along his journey toward financial success. Included in that effort was his uncle, who in spite of his own challenges stepped up to help Thompson with his Morehouse tuition. To give back, Thompson is paving the way for others who may be facing similar challenges by providing $100,000 in scholarships to ten students attending historical Black Colleges and Universities.

Thompson made the most of his time at Morehouse, making the Dean’s List every semester. He was offered internships in the engineering field but early on he realized that his own path to financial success was his true mission. Helping others would also be included in that mission.

Thompson’s older brother, who has served as his lifelong role model, introduced him to cryptocurrency and investing which not only sparked Thompson’s interest, but held that interest in a way that nothing ever had before. This newfound venture catapulted Thompson into a career path that would soon make him a 20’s-something Black millionaire, who had his eyes set on helping others to achieve success. For day to day updates, follow IN FOCUS TV on social media @infocustv

Article by T.C Lesesne

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