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POWER MOVES: Master P - Black History 365 shout out from Alexander Star

Click the video above for the 365 episode stream

Why is the legendary Master P in the spotlight? Well, here's the deal; His shout out from Alexander Star is the first in "365 Series; a shout out to legends, icons and some unsung heroes you should know about. On certain occasions we ask celebrities, executives and influencers to come on board and shout out about someone who has influenced them, motivated them, and inspired them. In this episode, we asked hit maker Alexander Starr chooses to lead off with this first-ever episode. He again, chose Master P.

Star chose rap and business icon Master P because of the extraordinary transformation Master P made on the entertainment industry. Master P made his mark as a rap icon, revolutionizing the way independent record companies operate, He also made his mark in film and TV on multiple fronts. Master P continues to be a sought after speaker, advisor, and a successful entrepreneur.

Alexander Star has traveled the world making audiences happy and continues to turn out great music and elevate his craft. Star says he is moved by what Master P has done by charting a path for others to follow. As an influencer himself, Star has been able to connect with audiences of various age groups and ethnic lines to get his message across. IN FOCUS TV, and Lesesne Media Group Entertainment is proud of Alexander Star and encouraged by his excellent choice of selecting Master P our first-ever shout out. Please be sure to subscribe and comment.

Written by Tony C. Lesesne/ video production by A Star

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