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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

South Florida Edition: Nov. 1, 2021

Lifestyle Adventure: Venues & Spots

The Hard Rock Stadium has made yet another move to add to the lifestyle experience of its visitors. Tastemakers LLC’s Arcade1Up, the leader in home retro gaming entertainment, announced a new multi-year partnership with the Miami Dolphins, designed to elevate the in-game experience at Hard Rock Stadium.

As part of this unique agreement, fans will have the opportunity to experience the Arcade1Up Game Lounge, a retro arcade experience, known to be the first of its kind in an NFL stadium.

"Expanding the fan experience is critical to an entertainment venue and a professional sports fan size" said Tony C. Lesesne LMG Entertainment during the weekly podcast. "In this case Hard Rock stadium is an amazing entertainment venue with the right space and vibe to entice fans to have a good time. When you look at an arcade setup like this, you're grabbing several generations of audiences. You got the old school baby boomers who came up on Pac-Man and others, then you've got the millennials who can play the modern stuff and the throwback games, then you've got today's Gen z who are all about learning what their parents played on and can discover the thrills that come with it. It's a brilliant marketing strategy and wonderful experience for potential fans before during or after the game. Definitely an innovative approach."

"We believe in innovation and creating custom experiences for our fans, two areas that are core tenets of Arcade1Up’s strategy,” said Jeremy Walls (at left), Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer of Miami Dolphins. “Arcade1Up’s move to Miami and this partnership will provide an amazing opportunity for a new generation of our fans throughout South Florida to engage in retro gaming and unique arcade content."

"Arcade1Up and the Miami Dolphins have a shared passion to offer the best entertainment

experience for their fan base, on and around the field at the stadium," said Scott Bachrach, Founder and CEO of Tastemaker’s Arcade1Up. "As a partner of the Miami Dolphins, we are thrilled to be able to bring the arcade gaming experience to every fan and attendee in the Hard Rock Stadium."

“The Miami Dolphins inspire passion and pride, bringing fans together to root for our city every week,” said Bachir Zeroual, CMO of Tastemaker’s Arcade1Up. “Arcade1Up is happy to now be a Miami-based company and bring the same passionate gameplay and Miami-pride into the homes of the city’s diverse culture of families, friends and passionate fans with our at-home entertainment retro arcade machines.”

There are 40 retro arcade machines in Arcade1Up’s gaming experience center including PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC MAN, Street Fighter, NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat, Marvell Pinball and Star Wars Pinball.

"Gaming has been and always will be a critical part of our entertainment culture" Lesesne admitted. "It is an experience that one has transitioned over the years. Our cage were the only place to play games when they first came out and then they were introduced to us at home. But that was a game changer in that the community aspect of gaming went away. This addresses that transition."

Since the company launched three years ago, Arcade1Up has recently relocated its headquarters to Miami from New York City, has grown from 8 to 80+ employees, and has sold more than two million arcade and pinball machines to home gamers and families across the country. The partnership with the Miami Dolphins is part of Arcade1Up’s global growth strategy and an important step for the company to share with fans multiple opportunities to bring the arcade and gaming entertainment experience home.


LIFESTYLE SUCCESS : Consumer Awareness Tips

Your energy use should not be the scariest thing you see. Through low-to-no-cost ways, saving energy and lowering your bill doesn’t have to be a bunch of hocus pocus. Whether you are staying in to watch horror flicks for hours on end or hosting a night with your closest friends, it’s easy for your energy use to increase. To save energy and money, practice the below tips at home and use the FPL Energy Manager to keep the high-energy use spooks at bay.

Eat, drink and be scary

  • If you use a conventional oven, try to bake several dishes at the same time. This decreases the amount of time the oven is on and heating up your home, which leads to your A/C working harder to keep you cool.

  • When possible, use the smallest cooking appliances in your kitchen such as the toaster oven, which saves up to 70% on energy use.

  • Take it outside - your grill is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and another great way to keep your kitchen cool.

Watch out for phantoms

  • Consider using a smart power strip to avoid phantom energy being drawn from devices that remain plugged in.

  • Video game consoles can add up energy costs, especially if left on all the time. Use the standby or sleep mode when possible to reduce power usage when not playing.

  • Have your scare-a-thon of movies on LED TVs, which use the least amount of energy compared to other models such as LCD or plasma.

Humidity horror

  • Even though it’s fall, high temperatures across Florida are still a possibility. Keep your A/C cooling efficiently and trim costs by changing the filter regularly.

  • Each degree you raise your thermostat can save about 2-5% on cooling costs.

  • Ensure lamps are placed away from your thermostat as it may impact the reading and cause your A/C to run longer than necessary.

  • Keeping the blinds, drapes and shades closed is a great way to keep sunlight from heating up your home.

The Fantastic Tool

To find even more ways to save, check out the FPL Energy Manager, an all-in-one tool that shows you the when, where and how of your home’s energy use. The free tool is available 24/7 and helps customers to take control of their energy use by providing real-time insight. Read more about how the Energy Manager can help you take control of your energy bill here.


LIFESTYLE SUCCESS : Making and Impact

Lifestyle success is much more than the car you drive of the title you carry in your job. Lifestyle success is what you do that brings joy when not at work. Its also the impact your job allows you to make with the lifestyle of others; socially, professionally and economically. This month we highlight the news that the Florida Economic Development Council (FEDC)recognized Rick Beasley, Executive Director of CareerSource South Florida (CSSF) with the Toni Jennings Workforce Development Professional of the Year award. Mr. Rick Beasley was recognized for his efforts to encourage economic mobility at the height of the pandemic. The Toni Jennings Workforce Development Professional of the Year award is presented to the those that effectively respond to critical workforce needs and to advance local, regional and state economic development.

Since 1993, IN FOCUS TV has celebrated the dynamic accomplishments impact-players of color make on region. We salute The Florida Economic Development Council for its recognition of Mr. Beasley. The FEDC is the professional association of economic, workforce, and community developers. FEDC’s members are among the highest credentialed professionals in the industry.

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