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Hyundai: Expanding Human Reach; companion robots & metamobility at CES

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Click the screen below for the full 5-minute episode

The future is here.

The focus of this episode is how companion robotics and people work together. With that in mind, companion Robots made a splash at Hyundai's CES Pavilion and for good reason. In an awe-inspiring showcase inspired by a vision for "Progress for Humanity", Hyundai revealed a future in which robots help humanity. Our team takes you to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Showcase (CES 2022).

Move us beyond limitations

Hyundai explained how next generation robotics will "move us beyond limitations, move things beyond our imagination and expand the role of mobility to virtual space, so-called Metamobility."

By taking advantage of the metaverse (virtual worlds for interacting with other people, computers and connected devices), Hyundai notes that robots could become physical avatars serving as “a partner on the ground doing the work” for a human operating elsewhere; a point that was outlined Hyundai’s vision of advanced robotics during a CES presentation.

Expand the role of mobility to virtual space: Metamobility.

Hyundai has moved upmarket and gained dominance in the automotive industry and yet it has expanded its scope to become a “mobility services” company. It envisions a world where “Robotics and mobility naturally work together. Robots arrived at assembly plants in the 1970’s and continue to evolve. Hyundai raised the stakes when it acquired Boston Dynamics in June 2021.

Boston Dynamics was already known for developing cutting-edge robotic technology, including a robotic dog playfully named Spot (at left) which you’ll see in this episode. It’s a 70-pound, four-legged machine with a long neck and finger-like tip that can be used for grabbing, probing and more.

Seeing is believing and Hyundai says this is just the beginning of ways we can better leverage robotics and mobility.

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