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Lovecraft Country on HBO; Hollywood Spotlight

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

By C.L

Click the screen below to watch the video version of the review of this show

Lovecraft country Is a dark fantasy horror series new to HBO and based on the book of the same title by Matt Ruff. The series follows Atticus Black played by Jonathan Majors, joined by his friend Leticia (Jurne Smollet) and Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) across 1950's Jim Crow era America in search of his missing father. Lovecraft country is described as exploring the conjunction between the sci-fi horror of H.P Lovecraft and racism in the United States. The series is a standout with a number of accomplished leads such as Michael K. Williams, Courtney Vance and many more but is also produced by notable names such as Misha Greene, Jordan Peele and J.J Abrams and a number of other talented producers.

I'm excited to see what Lovecraft Country has to offer to the HBO lineup and I'm looking forward to some quality scares and relatable writing expressed through the lens of the series setting and story. Keep an eye out for Lovecraft Country on HBO with new episodes every Sunday and share your thoughts with us on social media! 

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