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Beyond Insight: Computer science pioneer, Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was a revolutionary mathematician, and scientist who had computer coding figured out long before the first computers were built. In this episode Woodie Lesesne highlights one of the most brilliant female minds of the 1800's. The time that Ada Lovelace lived was a time where women were repressed and held back. Still she found ways to distinguish herself as a talent that had much to offer to the world. Technology and innovation are transforming the world we live in today. Amazingly, there are women like Lovelace who have played an important roles and taking innovation to new levels. Today we have organizations like women and technology and black girls code and so many others that are trying to facilitate ways to get more women involved in technology, innovation, coding, and engineering. We will do our best to continue to highlight the efforts being made to clear a path for women to contribute to the technological and innovative needs of the world It is our sincere hope that we celebrate the achievements of women well beyond Women's History month.

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