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AutoFOCUS UPDATES: Ford building ventilators to fight global pandemic

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

By T.C. Lesesne

AutoFOCUS UPDATES is the newest online program from LMGE Providing the latest tech updates, innovations and breakthroughs from the dynamic auto industry and the people behind it.

In a stunning transformation to provide support in the fight against the current pandemic, Ford is making as many as 50,000 simple ventilators for patients within 100 days and plans to continue producing 30,000 per month after that. The automaker said it will make the ventilators at its Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The factory will be staffed by 500 United Auto Workers union members who have volunteered to work on the project, Ford said. Be sure to stay up to date each day on our twitter @AutoFOCUSWORLD

"This is amazing" said Tony C. Lesesne, host and producer of AutoFOCUS Test Drive and the AutoFOCUS World media outlets. "Ford continues to be an integral part of our effort to innovate, and in the case, provide the industrial might needed to help so many in this time of crisis."

AutoFOCUS Flashback:

The Rolls Royce Dawn is beyond luxury

Luxurious riding in Miami is all the better with a removable top, and that's what we enjoyed testing the insanely awesome Rolls-Royce Dawn. With a mind-boggling wealth of materials, alluring colors and stylish finishes on nearly every inch of the car, there are few limits to all the joys this beautiful beast can deliver. YES!

The Dawn's undeniable attraction(Besides being a Roll Royce) is that its a convertible four-seater. Rolls-Royce made sure that four adults could fit in complete comfort and that the top opens and closes in total silence. Wow....enjoy and comment.

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