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Theaters hit "Pause" button


One of the most exciting things about being filmmakers is actually being film lovers. We often reserve Tuesday’s and some weekend afternoons for a get-away from the grind of life and work to slip into a quiet, dark theater to indulge in some great entertainment; Hollywood style. But that is now a fading memory.

One of the most distressing things right now is not being able to go to the theaters on the regular because of the COVID 19 pandemic. And now the news just got darker.

Checking the Hollywood Reporter, we learned with great disappointment that Cineworld, the parent company of Regal Cinemas, is reportedly planning to lock the doors of its movie theaters in the U.S. going forward due to the harm done to the industry by COVID-19. A final confirmation is still pending but it looks pretty likely the decision will stand.


Hollywood has struggled greatly since COVID-19 hit. Movie distributors had pinned high hopes on "Tenet," the Christopher Nolan-directed action movie released in the late summer, to inspire movie-goers to mask-up, brave the pandemic and go back to the cushy seats of their local theater. But the U.S. box office for the flick has reportedly been disappointing. Companies saw the writing on the wall.

Movie lovers are willing to do just about anything to get the theaters open again and enjoy the big screen. However, nothing is worth risking safety and health even a great film. But we've seen other industries design audience seating in a safe and responsible manner. We're hoping that will be the case.

Who doesn't want to watch the upcoming James Bond film, and yet we still have to wait because of this pandemic. This is the best time ever to drop a high-concept action film.

That means we don't get to see Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond- go on wild, hyper-action shootouts in fast cars, jets and motorcycles through exotic cities on a mission to wipe out the bad guys who are out to destroy the world. That's not exactly depressing, but it's not great news either. James Bond movie was delayed from November until April 2021, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and around the world

And then there's another action flick that's been long in the making - Mulan.

Disney opted to release its 2020 Mulan remake on its streaming service Disney+ rather than in theaters in certain territories. This release cost $30, and allows fans to watch the movie from the comfort of their home. Could this be the future?

Now we also see a resurgence in the need and desire to experience drive-in movies.

More on that in the next episode but until then we will keep you informed on the theatrical situation through the pandemic and hope that all movie theater distributors hold out long enough to open back up again.

Regal Cinemas is the second largest theater chain in the United States, with 549 locations across the U.S. and its territories.

The cinema chain, which owns the Cineworld, Regal and Picturehouse brands, has not said when it plans to reopen. Officials are blaming the lack of tentpole movies bringing viewers back into screens after the new James Bond film and Marvel's Black Widow were pushed back to 2021. The chain employs 45,000 people worldwide.



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