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THE UPATE: If you voted you won

Did you vote? We hope so. If you did you probably picked some that won and some that didn't. What really matters is that you participated in the political process and became a part of the solution. But this is just the beginning. Remember the next election is coming up November 3.

Where do we go from here to continue to make an impact? This is a good time to reload, stay with your winners and pick additional candidates to get behind. You may want to write a few checks to support them. For those who are not sure who to vote for, it's a good time to do some more research.

Dotie Joseph is an example of fresh faces that have developed a track record of success and engagement as a member of the Florida House of Representatives. her ability to activate voters and keep them engaged paved the way for a second victory on August 18th.

As the stakes rise in the coming November elections. You’ll see a whole bunch of commercials and lots of ads. You've already begun getting flyers in the mail, you'll see more of that too. But what's more is the social media aspect. We're not suggesting you dive in deep but it's always good to track and interact with your candidates on Twitter. Facebook and IG.

As summer comes to a close, its important to remember that the landscape is challenging and often stressful. This highlights the ability of our leaders to make the right decisions and communicate the clear opportunities and threats that we face.

We hope you'll continue to strive to be an influencer in the area of politics and governing. Stay tuned for more as we continue to highlight the election season.

PS Congrats to all of the candidates that gave so much of themselves to run for office, regardless of the outcome.

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