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Talk show hosts delivering during lock-down: Hollywood Spotlight

Talk shows have been an American staple for people to learn more about what's happening in news media and entertainment through a lens of comedy and satire for many decades. This art form and comedic delivery style makes difficult subjects easier to digest. In 2020 the role of these popular hosts has evolved and taken on new meaning and value. Committed to their audiences many of these popular hosts continue to stay connected through recording themselves during the quarantine, resulting from COVID-19.

It's been a complicated time to say the least but talents like Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Kimmel and many others have managed to continue thriving as means of sharing valuable, sometimes sensitive info with some laughs sprinkled in to keep things light. It says a lot about the resilience and adaptability of the entertainment space and how many creative's on big and small levels have problem solved their way into tackling these new limitations.

As viewers and creative's we have a lot to learn from this in the sense that regardless of circumstances we must always prioritize the interests of the people and make it our business to share vital information while the situation feels helpless and out of our control. There's also a sense of creative adaptation on display as the hosts of these notable programs are showing new aspects of their talent as a response to the production flair of their regular programming being peeled back. We've seen the hosts involve their families, unique talents like playing instruments and having fellow talents as digital guests to connect them to the conversations we want to hear.

As the future of television and content production continue evolving along with the climate created by COVID-19, we are still yet to see the lasting effects. One thing is for certain though, the news hasn't gotten any less interesting to follow and the hosts are still at the top of their game with plenty of material to share, analyze and poke fun at. These creatives teach us that the world is not at a total stand still and stories are constantly stories taking place are worth sharing.

By C.L

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