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Take Flight in the amazing Lincoln Corsair

Check out the newest show above and you'll enjoy one of the most impressive small SUV''s ion the market - packed with tech, style and innovation. The A-7 Corsair fighter jet that changed air combat forever. The Lincoln Corsair shares the same name, and the same attitude. Sitting in the cockpit of the Corsair, sun roof open, smooth takeoff, gaining altitude, and attitude.

It retains the Lincoln heritage and DNA. And I want to test that DNA - So lets take her for a spin - or shall I Say take flight. What was my first impression? It should be no surprise


Lincoln rarely disapoints in that area. Corsair takes the best of the Navigator and the Aviator with more flair. David Woodhouse, director of design, Lincoln says its a vehicle definitely meant to seduce. Lets go inside,chromed, leathered out, classy. That protruding screen anchors the Lincoln vibe. The drive mode include parking, reveres, neutral and drive. Push button start stop makes it easy. The revel sound system delivers an exciting sound. The backseat space has room for three, comfortably with leg room. There is elegant soft leather to add to the vibe and its quiet back there.The sun roof - always a hit in my book

Like the fighter jet with the same name, Corsair is engineered to deliver the experience and sensation of power and agility, but with sooo much style and swag.

The Corsair is in a segment of its own even though it is a small SUV. It's redirecting the narrative, breaking the rules, going against the grain and creating its own lane. This is a small SUV that is agile, athletic, sporty, and yet still very luxurious.

The outside the design is extraordinary because it's absolutely Lincoln which is gorgeous. The chromed-out grill bold chrome exterior trimmings and details and an absolutely classy vibe to this vehicle. It's like a miniature version of a continental and it includes some horizontal lower spoiler lines capped off by chrome trim.

The side profile is very sporty too. It looks like it's in motion with the receding windshield that flows back to the back of the vehicle towards the roof spoiler.

The base engine is a 250-hp, 280-lb-ft 2.0-liter turbo-four with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Or you can opt for the 295-hp, 310-lb-ft 2.3-liter turbo-four. All-wheel drive is available.


Its splendid. Smooth, quick, agile and yet its a Lincoln….but this is a different feel and vibe. With the drive mode settings, you’ve normal, excite, deep conditions and conserve, all of which provide an adaptive experience that you control and can enjoy. Lincoln’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system, available with both engines, enhances all-weather capabilities and optimizes efficiency by smoothly switching between front- and all-wheel drive depending on conditions

  • The all-wheel-drive disconnect switches automatically from front-wheel drive to all-wheel

  • Adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist helps guide the vehicle using stop-and-go, lane centering technology and speed sign recognition, scanning speed limit signs and adjusts speed based on the information

  • Evasive steer assist helps the driver avoid a collision with a slower or stopped vehicle ahead and steering support when a collision cannot be avoided by braking alone

  • Reverse brake assist can help stop the vehicle when backing up if Corsair’s integrated rear sensors detect an obstacle at the rear

  • Active Park Assist Plus removes the stress from parking by taking over steering, shifting, braking and acceleration functions with the touch of a button to navigate parallel and perpendicular parking spaces with ease


Stepping inside, I'm greeted by a spacious environment that is swanky and impressive. There's a chrome center line dividing the dash from the midline of the dash. Besides that the notable visual eye catcher is the screen protruding out from the center and the start stop button that gets the car cranking looks like something from the '50s. It's unique and bold.

The speedometer odometer RPM gauges are right under the steering wheel or behind the steering wheel and they are LED generated readouts. The steering wheel is very flexible more than usual and I get to get it set higher above my legs which is a relief because I'm tall. There's a beautiful leather wrapped with a glossy black trim inside and some controls for your audio on the left of the steering wheel and your of the connectivities on the right. The light control is on the lower left of the dash. It's easy to read, easy to operate shifting the light controls up and down. The door design is pretty straight ahead. Two tones from black to a business silverworks real well and a chrome divider where the handle for the door sits right along the middle a subwoofer is integrated on the interior of the door as well.

The seats are absolutely perfect, pilot seats where you sit in the bucket with lots of maneuverability and by the way the controls for the seats are integrated in the door. So it's very functional, very elegant, very practical. It was a bold risk that paid off.

The center stack features an unusual placement for the parking reverse neutral and drive. It's actually under the air conditioner vents in the center stack trimmed and chrome mind you. Very interesting and classy touch although some may not like it. You got knobs for your volume and tune as it relates to your entertainment below that and your source that also projects on your LED screen otherwise you've got your climate controls and under that deck is another storage space that opens up and closes nicely nice looking place nice looking area and inside that is a USB charger port for your phones moving along the center stack between the driver and passenger seats are your drive mode knobs on one side two places for your cup holders your parking button and moving back you've got a pullback 12-inch storage bucket. back to the door A specially tuned 14-speaker Revel™ premium audio system is available for the all-new Corsair.

2020 Lincoln Corsair2.0T (AWD)2.3T (AWD Reserve)Base Price/As Tested $39,140/$54,375$45,825/$62,400

250 hp @ 5,500 rpm

295 hp @ 5,500 rpm

Torque 280 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm

310 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm

Accel, 0-60 mph 7.3 sec

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