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The new show is out (above) and we're proud to share the summer premiere of THE UPDATE; focusing on the transformation of the face mask. Check it out because, we all should be used to wearing a mask by now, but some of you are making the most of a bad situation, and rocking your masks in style

People in the fashion industry or just those of us who have a passion for fashion are adjusting quickly to a world with Covid 19. Today face masks are the norm for most conscious people.

So thanks to all of you who have adapted, and for now face masks are a part of your functionality and fashion statement.

Face masks provide designers and creatives with a new business opportunity, while serving a vital need. So get as creative as you want and ROCK it your way, all while aiming to stay safe.

We also consider the impact of mandates for mask use targeted only to employees in some work settings, as opposed to community-wide mandates.

This evidence is critical as states and countries worldwide begin to shift to “reopening” their economies and as foot traffic increases. Mandating public use of masks has become a socially and politically contentious issue, with multiple protests and even acts of violence directed against masked employees and those asking customers to wear face masks.

Thanks to Berdelle DuBose for hooking us, and a whole lot of other folks up with your custom designs. We love you mom.

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