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LIFESTYLE: Holiday gatherings: Ten tips for a safe environment

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

You want to host a nice holiday gathering right? Of course you do. Bringing people together is one of the best holiday traditions you can enjoy with both friends and family; even co-workers. But then again, there are constant reminders to wear your mask, get vaccinated and remain updated about new Covid-19 variants.

While some hosts carry out their gatherings without concern for the COVID-19 threats. others are now taking holiday precautions. Add to the equation the recent rise in cases and a potentially troubling new variant.


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Holiday guidance issued by CDC officials stress the need for vaccines and mask-wearing, especially for those who are unable to receive a shot due to their medical history — namely, young children and elderly individuals.

Holiday events and all the travel around these traditions are still considered risky because they're multi-generational in nature. Mixing babies, toddlers and young children on one end and the elderly on the other end can create concern for some. Adding unvaccinated guests into the mix can complicate the issue, experts say. Here are ten tips you may want to consider:

  1. CUT DOWN THE ATTENDEE LIST: Depending on the space, keeping the event under ten people gives attendees room to breathe and have space.

  2. HOST IT OUTSIDE: Open air is lots more fun and relaxing. Its safe too.

  3. MAKE SURE GUESTS ARE COMFORTABLE; Ask guests if they’d be comfortable coming to the intimate gathering, where adults would be vaccinated

  4. INFORM IN ADVANCE: Send save-the-date emails with party info and any COVID-19 protocols.

  5. WHAT IF ITS MASKLESS: If the event will be maskless, let guests know before they arrive.

  6. OPEN WINDOWS: If the party is indoors, will the windows be open? If so, remind guests to bring a sweater.

  7. BE CLEAR: Lay out your vaccination rules

  8. HIRE HELP IF NEEDED: You could even hire a private company to test guests at the door.

  9. KEEP IT CLEAN: Put out bottles of hand sanitizer to make guests feel at ease. Leave some paper towels in the bathrooms for them to dry their hands after washing.

  10. STAY INFORMED: Visit the CDC for current updates and information and share it with friends and family.




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