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IN FOCUS ART & STYLE: Art of Black Miami

Click the video screen below to watch the short ON THE SCENE

web series highlighting the annual Art of Black Miami

Art of Black Miami; its one of the coolest events of the fall season and its happening in the best place possible; Miami. Art of Black is back. Experience Greater Miami & Miami Beach through the lens of the Black artists whose work has been a critical driver of the destination’s ongoing creative explosion.

Learn about the artists, check out their work, discover their stories, and get a new perspective on Miami’s vibrant cultural landscape. Find events, explore timely topics and get involved with this exciting movement.

Enlisting the wisdom of global leaders in Black/African Existentialist thought, Points of Contact envisages black existentialism's meaning in this contemporary moment through the various material praxes of Prizm 2021's exhibiting artists, painting, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, and photography. Curated by Mikhaile Solomon, Points of Contact, through the works presented, will explore answers to the questions central to Black Existentialism.

"What would my life be, as a person of African heritage, if I didn't have to consider, factor in, or negotiate around the construct of racism and other similar disruptive social maladies? What does a collective understanding of black existentialism mean for global African people and humanity at large?" From these vantage pointes, we contemplate our complex and layered communal existence to encourage a deeper understanding of global African identity through contemporarty visual art. Artists from geographies including Uganda, the United States, Jamaica, Barbados, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and many more will be exhibiting within the narrative arc of this year's focus. Visit Prizm Art to view full list of exhibitors.

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