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Hyundai defines bold robotic wonders at CES 2022

Hyundai pulls off a stunning exposition on its bold vision of a future enhanced by robots that support human capacity.

The Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) is known for blowing away attendees of the massive event with dazzling tech making it's way to the global market. Hyundai took it to a new level with robots unlike anything else on the huge showroom.

The Hyundai robotics were diverse and fascinating but it was "Spot" the dancing robot dog that stole the show while stealing hearts. When audiences learned more about the many roles this robot can play and the duties it can undertake to expand human capacity, then the cuteness became less important than the actual benefits that it can provide, many of which are still being realized. While much of the presentation was clear, concise and tight, the implications and possibilities were only as limited as your imagination.

The presentation was inspiring and spoke to the future of companion oriented robotics, using a design language that most were quick to learn. For example we've all heard about the meta verse but the next step is to learn more about how it will be incorporated into Hyundai's future. Then there are other keywords to learn such as digital twins, exoskeletons, pods, and most importantly, metamobility.

What is clear is that Metamobility is a

integral part of Hyundai's future

The action took place within an enclosed environment at the Consumer Electronics Showcase 2022, one of the largest of its kind in the world. The event is known for introducing and launching break out innovations coming to the marketplace and on store shelves. This time around Hyundai took a different route, using this opportunity as a platform to highlight how unique, bold and ambitious it's vision of a robotic enabled future is. This brought audiences into a science fiction reality that had a buzz throughout the massive night at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Most importantly is the message of how these technologies will transform lives, work, and society as a whole. Hyundai was sure to include Boston Dynamics and it's extraordinary ability to build and develop robotics. The company was acquired by Hyundai based on aligned vision, mission and capacity.

Stay tuned for interviews, perspectives, profiles and insights from our team on the ground. We are unpacking the various layers of information and technological applications that robotics and other applied sciences along with the clarity needed to understand where Hyundai is and where it's going.

By Tony C. Lesesne-LMG Entertainment

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