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HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT: NATPE adapts announcing Streaming Plus.

NATPE Streaming Plus includes top decision-makers from the leading global streaming destinations, influential producers, and advertising executives, including Pluto, Tubi. NATPE is a global content association and professional membership organization dedicated to shaping the future of content through global marketplaces and conferences, screenings, awards, and networking events; all specially curated for the content industry.




NATPE’s President and CEO JP Bommel, comments, “As a centerpiece event of our recently launched NATPE Virtual platform, we are thrilled to announce that the 2nd edition of NATPE Streaming Plus will be all virtual, boasting over four full days of sessions from industry leaders, which are now available to an expanded global audience.”

Representing every facet of the content business, NATPE’s rich history, spanning over five decades, cements its roots as the largest U.S.-based global content association.

NATPE is committed to representing the needs of our evolving members and constituents across all platforms and to bringing them together to shape the future of the business of content. NATPE continues to adapt to environmental and industry challenges and leverage opportunities that emerge.

Another highlight underlines NATPE’s continued mission to incorporate the advertising community into the conversation with a session featuring Marianne Gambelli, President Advertising Sales, FOX Corporation, Matt Sweeney – Chief Investment Officer, GroupM U.S., and Steve Mandala – President of Advertising Sales and Marketing, Univision. Together they will discuss the state of the marketplace and what the future may hold for both ad-supported streaming platforms and traditional television.

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