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The Civil Rights Revival: The race to win early voting

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

A comedian once made a joke that ever since President Trump took office, Black people are watching politics have been glued to politics like it’s the playoffs. The joke emphasized a shift towards political awareness that is unavoidable. The biggest social justice protests in modern history was something you simply could not avoid, and most people didn’t want to avoid it anymore. As the focus now shifts to the early voting efforts, a new challenge has emerged. Fear of fraud.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, there is no evidence that mail balloting increases electoral fraud as there are several anti-fraud protections built into the process designed to make it difficult to impersonate voters or steal ballots from mailboxes.




Only registered voters can request absentee ballots and election authorities must make sure the ballot came from the address of an actual voter. Some states use a signature matching technique to verify the signature of the voter.

There is good reason for some voters to be motivated when selecting their leaders. When it comes to the protests, you simply could not avoid it and most people didn’t want to avoid it anymore. Is that enough to motivate voters, including yourself? Whats the next step? Take action, vote early. Vote by mail.

Early voting and voting by mail is safer, more reliable and more efficient. Be sure to have the voting office information to follow up if necessary because many of us being forced to learn these new voting realities and what it means to vote on a different platform. Ultimately, we must adapt and help others in this new process. This is where we are today.

Written by T.C Lesesne, supported by Infocus TV round table


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