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Black Business Month: How to make an impact


There are many impactful ways you can celebrate National Black Business Month and recognize the importance of Black businesses to local communities, and to the national economy. Owning a business is good for Black entrepreneurs, but it also helps the communities around them as well as the overall ecomony. According to one study, Black-owned companies have created over 1 million jobs and generated over $165 billion in revenue. Here are ways to support Black Owned Businesses during Black Business Month and beyond.

  • Take the time to learn more about the brands you love and seek out products made by Black entrepreneurs.

  • Find a Black-owned business in your community and support them by purchasing something from the store.

  • Follow a Black business on social media to build their exposure and help them gain publicity. Remember supporting a business doesn’t always have to be financially motivated – helping them build their online presence can be just as helpful for growing their business.

  • Write a positive post on social media about a Black Owned business doing it right.

  • Include the Business in your email invites and updates

  • Look into supporting, engaging and/or becoming a member of Black business groups and associations that support the growth of Black-owned businesses.

  • For example, the Miami-Dade Chamber, The Broward Black Chamber in Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce. National Black Chamber of Commerce has many local chapters across the U.S.

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