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AutoFOCUS TEST DRIVE: It's Pretty and its a Jeep

Updated: May 21, 2020

Don’t let the cute face fool you. The Jeep Compass is a 4X4 capable of going just about anywhere, including off-roading. The people who drive the Jeep brand clearly get it. This is a vehicle that looks good, drives amazing (all the time) and is a force of nature because of the way it deals with the forces of nature.

WATCH THE AutoFOCUS Webisode featuring the Jeep Compass High Altitude below

There's A Whole World Out There & Compass is ready, and capable of taking you wherever you want to go. Features - and there are plenty - include gloss Black Accents. Versatile Seating & Space. All-Weather Capability.


There's Dual level dash with well organized center stack and touch screen infotainment center with readouts that keep you in the know. That infotainment center also works in sync with the drive mode selection in the center of the seating area. The seats are spacious, comfortable and has lots of leg and head space.


Lets’ take it out on the streets of Miami - we won’t be doing any off-roading, but we’re out to have a fun drive for you right? The Jeep brand runs deep and the reputation is iconic. Its not only because of its off-road rugged track record, its the performance. With that performance and efficiency are amplified with the help of the MultiAir 2 valve train system on the 2.4L Tigershark engine delivering a Best-In-Class highway fuel economy rating of up to 32 highway mpg, up to 180 horsepower and a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.

The 4X4 selec-terrain Traction management system lets you choose from snow, sand, and mud and helps to ensure the right wheel has traction when it’s needed.give this engine the Exceptional maneuverability gets you around, or over obstacles from tight spots to rocks, and potholes. The Ground Clearance is so awesome that you can literally pass over off-road obstacles confidently without damaging the underside of your vehicle.


I say this one caught me by surprise as I made the silly mistake of underestimating the dynamic and versatile assets the Jeep Compass brings to the market. Its worth the look and test drive. There are four options to consider when it comes to the compass the High altitude, the Trailhawk, the Altitude and the Limited.

With loads of cargo space, room for five passengers and the legendary Jeep on and off road capability, this Jeep is ready for whatever you want to throw at in - ion the city or out in the woods and off road.

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I loved the Rolls Royce Dawn ,the convertible aspect its seating capacity and just the auspicious look to the vehicle itself captured my attention

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